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15 Year old blind piano prodigy masters song after first time hearing it (Video)

Kuha’o has been playing the piano for about 3 years and has been blind since infancy. He is only 15 years old and can play most songs after hearing it just one time on the piano.

  • Jeff DeBoer

    They couldn't have muted the TV in the background?

    • Zrock76


    • Dango10

      I think it was those stupid girls on the couch not the tv.

  • Art

    Great video but whoever keeps talking in the background is freaking annoying

    • sadface

      sadly that is not a tv

    • blue balls

      No doubt! Just like the women at work. EVERY meeting I go to…they never stop trying to talk over the presenter.

    • OnehandJack
    • organix85

      In addition to being able to play music after one listen, he can overcome the annoying lady. Good job man.

  • spud

    Awesome, that boy got skills!

    • OBIE WAN

      that was some of the most beautiful shit my ears have ever had the pleasure of hearing

  • etcrr

    Kid is astonishing magical even just blew my mind

  • Ander

    "What the fuck have you done lately?" -James McAvoy, Wanted (2008)

  • saladfingers1

    SAVANT. Quite impressive.

    • Frambois

      savant is kind of an archaic term to refer to people with autism. this kid seems pretty with it so I doubt it.

      • saladfingers1

        Not every person with autism is a SAVANT, it takes a certaind kind of genious witha a special gift to be one. And no, not archaic. KCCO.

        • Josh

          Being blind doesn't necessary implicate him as being autistic, that's just ignorant. I'm sure his musical abilities arose largely from a higher developed auditory system in the absence of a functioning visual system.

          • nemesis


          • John

            Can you really not tell that something other than blindness is afflicting this kid?

            • Pianist

              Genius comes with a price.

  • Meeg


  • Ricky Bobbie

    the lady in the background…. ugh. great video however.

    • electric boogalo

      I wish the people in the background would STFU!

  • hammer101

    I watch his fingers and all i can think of are the legs of a tarantula

  • Jingske

    Better than the original song.. impressive!

    • derpistan

      what is the original?

      • derpistan

        nevermind, found it. having a smartphone it fucking awesome.

  • Mr Schneebly

    skill level: blind korean

    • Chris

      Definitely a Hawai'ian name.

    • Eve

      Stupidity level: american. JUST KIDDING

  • saladfingers1

    9:00 find her

    • anonymous

      she looks way under aged, loser. unless you mean the grandma, then rock on.

    • Ekajevans

      Even if she looked like Scarlett Johansson I'd have to say no; anyone that has that little of respect for ANYONE needs to gtfo.

    • OnehandJack

      If she was the one that would not STFU, then find her and beat some sense into her.

      • Emzilla

        Find her- then duct tape her mouth. -.-

  • Mike


  • Timothy Peverley

    If I could play the recorder half as good I'd have bitches lining up.

  • Insomniac

    awesome… but… lady who keeps talking in the background… Y U NO SHUT THE FUCK UP?

  • JOHN

    I'm completely wasting my gifts… mostly via time spent on this site

  • Ernesto Alonzo Garcia

    Hes just amazing the skills he has are incredible

  • StickyWickets

    That kid just did more in 9 minutes than I've done all week

    • truth


  • @dclipe

    there are a few people like him I've read about!

  • Ashom

    Amazing kid but here's a hint…mics pickup EVERYTHING in the room. Just sayin'.

  • ChodeLauncher

    Holy fuck tell the woman in the background to stfu when you're making a video…

  • Mikey

    This dude deserves an epic high five.

  • slapabitch

    who the fuck is talking in the back? no fucking respect

  • faaqyhoo

    seriously the kids legit but video is ruined

  • Da Sandman

    after hearing it 2 times……

    • juande

      ya bitch try to translate dubstep to piano in a single time -.-

      • Emzilla

        He heard it two times, but it was still his first "time" hearing the song;- and he "can play MOST songs after hearing it just one time"… What can you do?

        • Katie

          I couldn't even remember the song enough to know if he was playing it right lol

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