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15 Year old blind piano prodigy masters song after first time hearing it (Video)

Kuha’o has been playing the piano for about 3 years and has been blind since infancy. He is only 15 years old and can play most songs after hearing it just one time on the piano.

  • @Dre2DayOfficial

    If i was a skeleton my jaw would drop 2 the floor, but since i'm not a skeleton all i can say is that he needs to make a symphony and become famous so he wouldn't have 2 live in a house with an annoying old hag in the background.

  • dudebuddy

    Make another video, different song, BUT WITHOUT THE STUPID BACKGROUND NOISE!!!! sounds like two yapping bitches… fucking annoying !!!

  • Jason

    Am I the only one who likes the piano version better?

  • Dima


  • @gilfilkafish

    Dude is super happy when he is playing… made my day 🙂

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