A bacon cheeseburger to end all bacon cheeseburgers (19 Photos)

  • cocales

    where can you buy that red tool to make the hole in the meat?

    • cocales

      never mind amazon for 19.99. got it

  • silky johnson

    Love the chili sauce and stuffed cheese but I hate to admit I think Im too old for bacon on my burgers. Ill feel that for days at this age. Sucks getting old

  • bf998

    It’d be worth the constipation! Nomnomnom

  • uru

    #12 mother of god

  • Hooka

    You guys are dicks. Now, nothing I eat today will compare. Thanks, Bastards!!

  • tapsnapornap

    Any one who likes this should check out epic mealtime, if you aren't already too familiar.

  • http://www.thechive.com HostosFQ

    holy mother of god

    where can I buy that burger shape thing?

  • Bob Villa


  • Ginje

    Looks like an oral orgasm waiting to happen

  • Ned_Plimpton

    #11 Grilling anything wrapped in bacon isn't easy. Takes forever for bacon to cook all the way & evenly on each side….

  • Don

    I want to marry that burger.

  • cameron

    I just came.

  • Spool


  • AllanA

    #17 OMG I cried a little

  • http://isthiswit.wordpress.com Fitzworth Leminsky

    Reblogged this on isthiswit and commented:

  • LIJay

    You sons of bitches. I haven't even had breakfast yet and now I want a burger. Have a good day, folks! KCCO

  • Someguy

    I hate you BOB. Don't take that the wrong way

  • Sean

    Love it! Make similar burgers myself, so 1 suggestion: A foil-wrapped brick on top of the patties while grilling keeps them from changing to that round, hard to keep in the bun shape. Just sayin'…

  • Melli

    It's an extreme juicy Lucy!

  • brot

    'MERICA !!!

  • mattyK

    mother of god…

  • Amigo

    where do I get this burger filling device?

  • CabanaDan

    Shut up and take my money!

  • coinbank

    looked sooo promising….but the cooked version looked like something i shit out

  • Anonymous

    Where do we find this recipe and tool

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