A bacon cheeseburger to end all bacon cheeseburgers (19 Photos)

  • trishnicoleee


  • Master_Rahl

    #18 This is like food porn. Awesome!

  • Ryan D


  • salmon

    nice light lunch!

  • El Jefe

    Try the 50/50 Juicy Lucy instead:

    1 lb ground beef
    1 lb ground bacon
    mix these two by hand (don't over-mix)

    Take 1/4 lb meat and form into patty
    Add 1/4" slice cheese in middle
    Put another 1/4 lb meat patty on top and seal

    Grill to desired doneness

    Just be careful as cheese will be moltenly hot

  • Micks

    damn i think im the only one who doesn't seems atracted to this 😦

  • tommytwotime

    Is this the matrix???

  • etcrr

    Damn, now I'm hungry and I just ate

    • shit breath etcrr

      So you're saying cat turds are about as filling as Chinese food?

      Stay out of the catbox etcrr,

  • Shawn

    Looks good but the cheese would be all bloody. This cheese would just go on top for me!

  • oqsig99

    #13 Is that in there for the crunch only? Seems a bit out of place.

  • William

    Take my money!

  • http://www.bbqsecretrecipes.com Tacos117

    Aaaaaand I came…..

  • zaxxon galaxxon

    #1 mmmmm pink slime!

  • Jammy

    Just ordered one… I am giddy with excitement

  • krypto092108

    That looks downright larrupin! Where can I get that gadget as in #2?

    • Burger


  • Kevin

    Catergorize that one under Want AND Need!!

  • gingergreek

    I thought Chive wasn't a porn site? 😮

  • story808

    That looks like a great way to die

  • dildozer


  • Dave

    Looked ok, a bit raw but my 16 yr old son makes a better burger than anywhere I've ever tasted, I taught him well. Just remember the Caleb Burger, it will be famous one day.

  • scorpion

    #4 you could even put bacon bits in with the cheese then wrap it in bacon! #2 where do we get this buger making gizmo? i wantz now!

  • elvis pressedpattie

    StufZ Burger Press on Amazon

  • Triplejjj

    Needs a little more bacon!

  • burger

    I looked up stuffed burger press on google and seen a couple of them. The one with the best reviews is the Burger Pocket Press on Amazon. I just bought it on his website. can't wait!!!!

  • yeenyeee

    where's the tomatoes,lettuce,onions,avacados??? i guess only california residents have that luxury

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