Hot Right Now: Girls with lower back tats make me wanna buy a Harley (57 photos)

Animals that don’t suck (41 Photos)

  • cory

    Congratulations! you won!!

    NO, I god-damn did not! Chive. Fix this!

  • @danieljillm

    #9 What the hell is that?

  • Anthony Young

    #18 I kiss my dog in private too

  • G money

    bahahahahaha #36 lol so hard almost fell out my seat…. POW!

  • LukeTheTerrible

    #2 I bet she lets her grandkids play with it too.

  • LukeTheTerrible

    #7 Typical drunk and irresponsible pit owner.

  • T-bird

    #23…is that what they mean by "Pussy-assed"?

  • Danno

    #6 Soon…

  • thom

    #33 #38
    Don't say awww…


    #23 Lucky pussy!

  • Gabino Salgado Jr

    I'll admit it…I day #17 I thought boobs

    • Gabino Salgado Jr

      saw not day

  • Shat_Thrice


    Come at me, bro!

  • chivette

    #11 i watched over and over..still funny

  • 99mike

    #37 Soon

  • MartiniSteve

    This is my neighbor's dog. Sometimes he walks on his hind feet and mows the lawn. Plus I live around the corner from here… sooo…

  • Teddy

    #26 Sucker Punch in 3… 2…

  • Skermitt

    #40 Is that pussy riding a cock?

  • Gallus

    #13 – I've seen something very similar. The dog's rear legs were paralyzed. The shelter manager provided him with wheels, and the dog adapted to them almost immediately. The dog seemed fairly happy with the set up.

    #23 pretty much wins for me. Two of my favorite things – a kitty and a pretty girl.

  • dog question

    any one know what kind of dogs #32 are?

    • kms

      Looks like boston terrier puppies

  • Harleyxx

    #36 This one kind of sucks. But I like him even more because of it!

  • Chuck

    The original troll face.

  • J W

    I'ma cut you up do bad, you're gun', you're gunna wish I never cut you up so bad!

  • togaen

    #23 This girl needs to be a chivette of the week.

  • Allenavw

    #1 Haters gon' hate.

  • tommytwotime

    #34 haha! this is exactly how any cat would feel

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