Choose your Weapon's away (27 HQ Photos)

  • Joe

    #11 my weapon of choice!

  • Joe Moore

    Those are pretty big colouring pencils…

    • Dezza!

      yes the Crayola MLRS! Not much choice of colour though! they're all red ones.

  • etcrr

    #24 looks like some kind of SAW Gun which would be great

    • Mike

      Interestingly, I think that is a SAW which makes the belt of 7.62 a confusing choice.

      • Franklin1138

        Great point! Unless for some crazy reason the SAW gunner is carrying an extra belt of ammo for the M240 gunner…

  • Muadieb

    #9 and #27 could be my co-pilot.

  • whyme1973

    #27 That ass could bring an army to its knees.

  • Nick

    Hat is the unit for the planes in #1?

    • Anthony

      VF-103 flying the F14 tomcat now they are VFA-103 flying F/A-18F super hornets

  • Franklin1138

    I have to go with #1. Pretty cool shot of the Phoenix missile mid-launch. #11 would be my RIO. LOVE me some Cintia Dicker.


    #27 is pretty lethal

  • John

    #27 Aim towards face.

  • Tetinas76

    Nice to see the Danes represented (#17), for once – seeing as how they are a major contributor in Helmand.

  • stonewall_79

    #16 Kar98 the best bolt action to me, love it and Remington 700 too!!!

    • GoForth

      That's a Yugo M-48. Resembles a Kar-98, but it is post-war and the action is a different size.

  • stonewall_79

    #17 MGs???

    • cahir

      mg3, one amazing gun. but for me #1, #10 and #27 🙂

    • Tetinas76

      We call it the M/62 LMG and often have it with us on footpatrols, as the stopping power of 5.56 is, to say the least, a joke. The 7.62 round rips through anything, probably why our enemy still uses it? It's a brute to slog around, but all that is forgotten when you open her up! No-one doubts the effectiveness of this weapon, once they've seen and heard her banshee-shriek in action! ! ! The design basically hasn't changed since WW2.

      • stonewall_79

        Thanks a lot bro!!!

  • Panzerrat

    #6 The hell with that! Davy Crockett delivery system. A recoilless nuclear weapon delivery system. Can't get far enough away.

  • Mono

    #11 should me a mind the gap candidate

  • SSgt. Thunderchunk

    #9 Attention DARPA, hurry up and build these already!

  • Swarley

    #1 #27

  • MathNerd

    #25 capped barrel and red paint? Training?

  • Jezza67

    Anyone know what class pennant number 72 is in pic #2?

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