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  • Jdub ottawa

    Not gonna say it!

    • stonewall_79

      Thanks bro!!!

    • Jacksonsonson

      How is this any different then saying first, you clearly were making an attempt for first comment, and you contributed nothing relevant to the post.

      • nonprofit

        thank you for bringing up the paradox of this fools post

      • Charlie_Cheen

        And yet at least, at this time, 76 chivers fell for it. At least I'll help make only appear to be 75; protect the herd's image!

        • Mooo Cows

          By herd, do you mean Chivettes?

    • Akbar

      What, that this site has become reddit's retarded cousin by marriage from the mothers side?

      • Uncle Daddy

        Aunt momma gonna kick you in da teefsesses for say soes

        • Esr0d

          I lol'd hard at this line.

          • Uncle Daddy

            You laughed out louded???…Fuck, you're retarded.

            • Esr0d

              Indeed, I LAUGH OUT LOUDED, not LaughED out louded. Otherwise I would've placed, "l'dol". Not very aesthetically pleasing now is it?

              Who uses ???… anyway? n00b!

              • Uncle Daddy

                That makes zero sense…and you're still a fucking retard. Who uses "lol" anyway? Thirteen year old girls and antiquated geriatric cunts trying to be hip.

                • Esr0d

                  You're still with this?

                  I succeeded in trolling your dumb ass. Anyone with a high school education knows "Lol'd" is grammatically incorrect. Why did you even bother?

                  Besides, only you would know very well that a 13 year old girl uses lol, "Uncle Daddy".

      • DanforReal

        The site is great…the community is retarded.

        • Realdanfor

          "Community" is latin for chivers

  • hark1985

    #30 Hi moar please

    • Kyle429



      • st33

        Fine sir…Thank you for this link. My jaw has been on the floor and I can't stop scrolling her blog. Goodbye productivity.

        • DoomsDayDub

          She is a bit of a butt-her-face, but the body is absolutely amazing!

          • agree

            total horse face but unreal body.

      • hark1985

        Good looking out

        • Kyle429

          No problemo guys. πŸ˜€

          • aggie44

            Nice to see you(r) back Dylan.

            • Dylan

              Clop, clop, clop…Neeeeigh! Neigh! Got a sugar cube, or a carrot…anybody seen Sarah?

      • Ned_Plimpton

        Work productivity just died….

        If you scroll down to Feb. 20, her only topless pic is there πŸ™‚

        Her bf looks like a total tool and about 20 years older than her. Fuck that.

        • Ned's top man.

          you sir, seem like an internet stalker. you should look for a job and get out of your mom's basement.

          oh yeah, the flowers you sent me were ammmmazing!!! thanks lover

    • Pat

      she shoots she scores

    • JustAnotherEngineer


      Save image, up the brightness a tad and give it some more contrast. You're welcome.

    • Nerf Herder

      WARNING! Wait at least 5 minutes before getting out of your seat at work after browsing through her pics.

    • Sub1

      Now that's an hump!

    • alb565s

      I think you nailed it!!

    • Steve777

      Thank Gawd She's Back!!!!!

  • kelownachiver


    • Yesman

      No. Just no.

    • BGHL

      You do beautiful Kelowna wrong, you terrible excuse of chiver.

    • The2nd

      of course from Kelowna, Edmonton Chivers are where its at

  • hark1985

    #48 I would like to work for you!

    • jjj

      I'm not even mad. That's amazing.

    • Csquaredapparel

      I wouldn't like to work for her. I would like to work on her!

    • AllanA

      I would love to work on that ass!!

    • unemployed

      I would just like to HAVE a job.

    • Steve

      Goes to work after showing off for the Chive

      Get's offended when regular looking married guy checks her out

    • Logical

      You misspelled "fuck"

    • Joey

      Off to the chicken ranch?

      • Martin

        I live close to there. It's a lost joke.

    • syphilis

      So could I…wait, that would be over-staffing.

    • 6655321

      Girl, you're workin' already.

    • dirtysteve99



    #37 Poor Horse

    • rhyshook

      is that fat bastard from austin powers

      • Really?

        Is that a lame cunt citing a reference from an antiquated movie?

    • stonewall_79

      LOL that was my first thought too!!!

      • Tequila Wall

        Don't think, it weakens the team.

    • Ron Burgundy

      Pickles probably had a nice life. Now off to the glue factory 😦

    • Jeff

      Chris Farley voice*
      Fat guy on a little horse

      • Joe

        Well Played sir.

    • not fat bastard

      Poor horse, hell.Poor ball sack, anyone have any idea how much pressure its under right now?

    • fajita123

      Samwell Tarly!

    • Ryan

      I went to school with this guy.

      He has a medical condition that is the cause of him being overweight. He was also in a car accident in 2004 that left him with a brain injury that has had a significant impact on his ability to speak and think/solve problems.

      He actually use to be a really great guitarist and was in all our schools plays and musicals. Kinda sad seeing somebody go downhill overnight like that.

      I love how you people ark up at anything to do with race/religion/skin colour because you all think you are so high and mighty but when it comes to a guy who is overweight you feel ok about ripping into him regardless of his circumstances. Good work guys.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1290690093 Chad Groves


      • F.S.M.

        I call bullshit. Unlikely. You are probably a big fatty fat fat fatty yourself and just don't like fat jokes.

  • Ouch!

    Yay for hump DAR!

    • Penis in your butt

      That's why you're in pain…and you deserve it for thinking you were first…cunt. Please tell me you don't vote.

  • VedHead77

    #12 – Nowhere have I ever worked that had women that looked like this. It may be time for a job change.

    • BabyFarts Magizax

      I want EVEN MOAR!!!!

    • Gay Guy

      Quit your job at the clininc in San Franthisco.

      • Gayer Gay Gay

        Gay Guy is gay.

        • Gay Guy

          Unoriginal cunt is unoriginal.

          • Julie

            Asshole douchebag is asshole

            • Gay Guy

              Gold digging bitch is whore.

              • Julie

                failed attempt at intelligent replies is fail

                • Gay Guy

                  Ummmmm…yeah. "Asshole douchebag is asshole" is the most eloquent thing I've ever heard.

                  • Julie

                    how's this one then "youre fucking stupid"

                    • Gay Guy


                    • Kevin

                      Lesson learned by aforementioned female: you cannot win a sass war agains a gay guy.

    • Geography major

      Where the flying fuck is "Nowhere"?

  • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

    FFFFFirst on the DAR! Oh yeah! I've still got it… of course.

    – Fan testimonial: "Dear Paula, I love you like a fat kid love cake, like a prostitute loves a john, Like a Emo loves razorblades, Like skinny jeans love lowering peoples chances of having kids, Like a chubby girl loves hohos, like a bulimic loves a good puke, like a warm BJ on a crisp morning, like a woodchuck loves chucking wood if a woodchuck could chuck wood and like a good woman loves a kitchen. Paula, you are the ying to the Chives yang…You complete us <3"

    • hark1985

      Paula!!!! fucking love you! make me nipples hard!

    • jaynecobb2

      Paula, Will you Merry me, Jayne Cobb

      • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

        Jayne Cobb, the hero of Canton…. And a pretty guy too…
        Let's start with a free drink?
        <img src="http://www.orangellous.com/cdn/photos/2009/01/20090123_jayneorig2.jpg"&gt;
        – Fan testimonial: "Oh, and one more thing, Bob. When you post your pictures, you might want to wait a few before logging on as Paula and getting things going by stirring up the Chive. Your alter-ego, "Paula" is always one of the first few to make a comment whenever Bob posts his pics. Coincidence? I think not."

        • Julie

          noooo….. is it true?!

        • WTF


    • http://twitter.com/danieljillm @danieljillm

      Is a fail a win if it's a Paula fail?

      • ed wood


    • Mitch

      Paula, go fuck yourself with a banana.

      PS. Whore.

    • rocknrollguy

      Bob is obviously unemployed, or should be.

    • Nick

      I think someone is trying to shoot for the lowest reputation score in Chive history

      • Sleep_Salone

        Yeah, and his name is etcrr.

    • ShakeyTheMoyle

      I thought it was Yin and Yang….but maybe I'm wrong?!
      I still love ya Paula!

    • Aspiring To Be Paula

      Troll level = Paula.

      • Clearly...

        …you're not setting your goals high enough.

    • Kodos

      prostitutes do not love.. thus, you fail.

  • hark1985

    #1 son you're doing it right!

    • mdidot

      Wait until he turns around!

    • Eric

      Early Start!

    • Edd

      check for an adams apple on that one son, then turn around…

    • dirtysteve99

      He hath chosen poorly.

  • Dave

    #12 I will come be bored with you

    • Gillette

      Great, since you guys are so bored, why don't you wax the hair trailing between the bottom of her tits and her bellybutton?

      • Ned Ryerson

        Pretty sure that's just a shadow. (Don't you ruin this for me you son-of-a-bitch!)

    • B_T_I

      She need some smaller underwear!

    • KCCO


  • hark1985

    #2 Improssibruuuuu!!!!!

    • madmanjrm

      from a korean serial killer comedy/thriller Happy Killers (tt1867984)

  • etcrr

    #12 you should be broad at work more often

    • http://twitter.com/McBeastie666 @McBeastie666

      you're making it way too easy stan.

    • Julie

      somehow, i think being broad at work isnt a good thing.. but thats just me

      • tapsnapornap

        Maybe he meant board at work

        • Julie

          i think you nailed it.

          • Trav

            XD holy god this is killing me… haha

          • tapsnapornap

            Yesssssssss….somebody got it!

            • Sleep_Salone

              And it wastn't Stan

              • fuck Stan


      • etcrr

        can i put my penis in your vagina

    • eiei-o-

      notstan, you really are a dub fuck..

    • fuckoffetcrr
  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    #12 #48
    For the love of Pete, where do these women work?

    • HatBomb

      Some place AMAZING.

      • YOYO

        Working with them + chive= absolutely nothing accomplished between 8-5

        • HatBomb

          You can say that again. Long lunches, and early happy hours would be the norm. The rest of the day would for Chiving.

          • Kennybennyboo

            certainly not at my work – unless these ladies disguise themselves as obese angry middle-aged women when not in the washroom.

            • Your Co-workers

              It ain't a disguise sugar tits.

    • 0331

      #48 I think I saw her on 5th and Broadway.

    • craig

      They work at the gap. " mind the gap " KCCO

    • Ugh

      I'm sorry, but that dark line going down the middle of #12 's stomach sketches me out.

      • Repene

        You should try dating dudes. Just saying…

  • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

    #43 DO! NOT! SAVE! CATS!!

    See what you're doing here Mac!? DO YOU!?? You started this movement!

    No Hug,
    – Damn!

    • http://MarcMarcMarc.Marc.Marc Marc


    • Julie

      gtfo mac's shit, hes a fucking badass

      • Sally

        I no longer want to lick your nipples…cunt.

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/ADHDavenger13?feature=mhsn Firefighter23

      Here's a big fuck you Paula! That's really fuckin low! The men and women of the fire service put their lives on the line everyday to protect and save everything from houses to cats! GO FUCK YOURSELF YOU MISERABLE WHORE!! Do you have any idea what its like to be a firefighter and then be insulted for what you do? NO! THEN FUCK OFF YOU CUNT!

      • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

        I'd love to see your face when I tell you what I do part time as a volunteer… ❀

        – Fan testimonial: "Well I fell for that hook, line and sinker. Damn."

        • Mrs_Conejo

          sooo, fill us in, Paula. what is it that you do part time as a volunteer?

          • Julie

            troll obviously

            • Mrs_Conejo

              really? had no idea…. o.O

              • https://www.facebook.com/juliannagracemoore Julianna Moore

                Its kind of annoying, well actually its really annoying, but this bitch is damn good at what she does, i'll give her that :-/

          • some bloke

            She blows strangers for crack money

      • kutah

        well said from a brother firefighter, I hate cats but wouldn't stop me from doing the same thing

      • Firefighter as well

        For cunts sake man…relax…you're not headin' in to save kids…you're surfin' the web (maybe on the tax payers dime) bitchin' at an etheral figure. Fuck, I hope you don't vote.

    • Gallus

      I generally ignore your trolling, but this comment grabbed me. If there is supposed to be humor in that comment, I don't get it. It is just plain rude.

      • Phallus

        You're a special kind of ignorant twat, aren't you?

    • Derp

      Paula I give you thumbs up everytime!!! ❀

      Your welcome πŸ™‚

  • Dr. Steve

    #24 Erin Young is f*&king hot!!

    • Martin_McFly

      Thank God! This has been a LONG time coming!

    • Trav

      This, sir, is the UNDERSTATEMENT of the day! She transcends hot. She makes the inner core of the sun seem cool. Epic H!A!W!T!

    • I heart chivettes

      She just might break the internets on Friday. Can't wait!

  • hark1985

    #5 I love you Tina

    • fwomwome

      what is her friend's name?

      • ShakeyTheMoyle


      • Tina


    • Josh

      Hell yea, rocking the Journey shirt. Don't stop believin'

      • It's not okay

        How do you type so fast with a cock in your ass?

        • The Cock

          The cock is in control.

  • st33

    I simply love hump dar

  • etcrr

    #48 very hot gorgeous legs and butt

    • http://twitter.com/McBeastie666 @McBeastie666

      you are super creepy.

    • PDiddily420

      Why are people giving The Chive's resident creepy retarded uncle thumbs up for stating the painfully obvious 2-3 times on the first page of comments!? That only perpetuates more dumb ass comments.

      #9 That sink is black and has teeth. DURP! Gimme thumbs

      • Confused

        Why all the hate for "etcrr" around here? Am I missing something? Chicks who have "hot" profile pics (if it's really them) get massive thumbs-up for average observations – yet people feel this guy should get thumbs-down for the same? What gives?

        • ShakeyTheMoyle

          It's part of the Chive….don't question…just roll with it…he's a Deutscher…hehehe I spelled it wrong ^_^

        • It's because

          He has a penis…if he had anything other than moobs, we'd give him a bit of lattitude…but, alas, he's a cunt and doesn't have a cunt.

        • Douche hunter

          Well because he is a dickhead first of all. Secondly he is about sixty years old and creeps me the fuck out…..thats why.

          • fuck Stan

            he is about sixty years old, and seems to really like high school girls.. what a sick fuck…

    • fuckoffetcrr
  • the_mike

    #4 I could of swore that is what they all said.

    • I hopeyoudontvote

      *have sworn

      For fucks sake, don't take out a student loan.

      • the_mike

        Thank you so much for showing I am human and am capable of mistakes.

        I hope your day gets better and you can find more productive things to do then being a grammar troll. KCCO.

        • I hopeyoudontvote

          I'm trying to help, Mike. I guess you can't tell the difference. I'm calm, but I was serious about the student loan.

          By the way, "…productive things to do *than being…"

          • the_mike

            Thanks for helping. Your intelligence far surpasses mine. You're now the one I will call on for all my comments on the chive. Thanks for being a buddy. There sure aren't enough guys like you.

            • I hopeyoudontvote

              I have tits…and I'm not Thai.

              • the_mike

                This is where I just go ahead and give up.

                • I hopeyoudontvot

                  Okay. Maybe I'll see you a little bit later. Enjoy the rest of the day.

                  • the_mike

                    All day everyday.

  • whyme1973

    #12 #15 #22 #30 #44 Damn I love Hump Dar. Excellent asses, ladies. Please send moar!

    • longshot421

      Nicely compiled, saves me scrolling like a freak to put together a list. Loves my Hump DAR.

      • kennybenny


        #15 <- just for one more.

    • Logically illogical

      Booty butt cheeks, booty butt cheeks, booty butt booty butt booty butt cheeks

    • Logically illogical

      Booty butt cheeks, booty butt cheeks, booty butt booty butt booty butt cheeks

      <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/gO2nY4XevPI&quot; frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    • Gunner

      why not #41. OK, that's a joke. Why did The Chive put that one in Hump Dar? Why Chive why? I know they have better.

      • Gunner

        I'm not saying its that bad but Hump Dar.

        • Really???

          No, dude. It's that bad.

      • Mmhmm

        I like it. I want more.

    • Alb565s

      I agree! Hump DAR– the next best thing to the actual Hump Day galleries πŸ™‚
      Yet again, the Chive makes my day bearable!

  • VedHead77

    #29 You'll find it in the middle of the night with the bottom of your foot.

  • Gahma-Cohma-Lahma

    #15 MOAR

    • Ray

      That is one spectacular hump on that lady.

    • henk

      Much moar!!!

  • Car RamRod

    #44 Good googley moogley that thing is juicy

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    Two pussies in the kitchen!

    • Dirty505

      Holy Sht! I've been looking at this picture for 5 minutes and just saw that there's a cat in it. Well played.

      • BloodScrubber

        Cat Scratch Fever πŸ˜‰

    • Tim

      Nice stretch marks!

      • thereugo

        'looking, looking…' WTF are you talking about bro?!

  • the_mike

    #42 I get vertigo just looking at this picture.

    • Juan

      He should have gone to college so he wouldn't have to risk his life for $15 an hour.. just saying..

      • armyabn

        FYI, he makes at least twice that.

        • Jaba

          No shit. I have friends that are iron workers. They make me wish I hadn't spent a shit ton of money going to college. Then I see chive's college posts and it's ok. Iron workers are usually $40 plus.

          • psully23

            Yeah the money might be good NOW, but talk to most of those guys when they're in their 50s and 60s. They all have ailments, aches and pains and hate life. Sucks but true. Work your body like that and that's what happens.

          • Whitelyric

            NPR just did a report on iron workers, they make upwards of $100/hr. Hard work, but well paid.

            • Chris

              Not just hard. It's the kind of job you either can or can't do. And most people can't.

              • Fah q

                Yeah I am an Iron Worker and there some sketchy situations daily it can be an intense fucking job. And if your scared of heights forget about it.

                • Fah q

                  Oh and not to mention if OSHA caught that dude doing that without even wearing a harness he would get bitch slapped with a huge fine.

                  • Bitter-Fitter

                    $100 an hour…. someone lied to your ass. I work with the boys in 720 (Edmonton Alberta) and even with double bubble they just break 80. and I'm told they one of the higher paid locals.

                    I should have went iron working… some asshole told me pipe fitters get the glory…. we don't lol

                    • Hahaha

                      NPR always tells the truth.

                    • derreck

                      oi it's getting tighter

                    • bull shlaka

                      Yeah I work in phoenix az, and only make $19 an hour. I dont know anyone who makes $100 an hour humping iron.

      • reaperMEDIC

        I went to college AND risk my life for $15 an hour…. but, I'm sure you're better than us lowly poor folk that are so stupid, we enjoy working for a living. "just saying"

        • Yourfault Notmine

          B-O-O-H-O-O You're an adult, you made a decision. If you didn't know what you were getting into when you chose your path, then you're an ill-informed individual. Bad carreer decision, sunshine.

          • reaperMEDIC

            You are very miss-understood. I literally have the best job in the world, and am in no way complaining.I am referring to Mr "Juan" implying this occupation and/or pay rate equals uneducated and stupid.

            • Marcus Aurelius

              If you can't explain yourself to a man, blame yourself or blame no one.

              By the way, you ignorant twat, it's "misunderstood". Maybe $15 per hour is a bit much, eh?

              • Just Sayin'

                You just insulted someone on the internet.

                CONGRATULATIONS! πŸ™‚

    • Wat

      Must be non-union at that wage rate.

    • mith

      yah back in 1972 when that picture was probably taken. Try almost triple that rate for 2012.

    • Jake

      I think this guy is underpaid…i just heard a story about a guy who does this getting paid 100/hr in new york city…

      • Waty

        $100 hr in NY is like 40/hr everywhere else. No retirement and done working by age 50. I don't think so.

    • ducky

      Seattle, about 1983. Columbia Center 76 stories.

    • Derek

      this guy doesnt give a fuck

    • Montag

      If you're gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough – Roger Alan Wade

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