It’s cool bro, I fixed it (20 Photos)

  • broxstar

    #15 poachers and guys hauling dope use this "my friend" says it comes in very handy

  • Jizzaboo

    What's #18?

  • Smitty

    #15 : Most likely a private security vehicle. So they can black themselves out when prowling – even if they are applying the break.

  • guest

    #6 figures its a Missouri hoos!

  • Go KU

    #6 ….missouri, living up to the stereotype

  • mshaw166

    #14 actually a pretty cool idea

    • Vicwick

      All they need now is bubblewrap cushions.

  • Ray

    Who the hell sent in #6? That's my damn house and no one was supposed to know.

  • poodermagoo

    I seriously wonder how so many stupid people manage to stay alive.

  • TDub66

    #9 You got a giraffe working in there?

  • Poundcake

    Funny stuff!

  • whackbatmedia

    #17 why fork over knife?


    #6 waaaait waaaaait……he's not done. #7 duck tape, the favorite solution at the airline i work for.

  • Lou

    #16 for the price of the vicegrips he could have had a new pan.

  • Damian

    Do people actually do this shit as a real fix? I feel like it must be a joke or goddamn are people dumb. Take pride in your shit and fix it right.

  • Tomas

    #7 I can't even tell that you had work done on that car. o.0

    #15 Reminds me of when I was going for my driver's license road test. My dad's old car's turn signals didn't work – the turn lights stay on when you flicked the signal switch. So at the beginning of the test, the guy testing my had me turn them on while he was behind the car to make sure they worked…. and I just manually made the signal lights blink on and off to pretend that the car was in working order. 😉

  • Jared


  • Gallus

    I have to give #5 and #8 credit for innovation. After all, coffee in the morning is a need, not a want.

  • MattKL

    #4 Seems legit.

  • BDugz89

    thats a new one.

  • SquirePete

    #18. Da Fuck?

  • noegod

    I've had to do stuff like this, these are pretty good. #15 in particular is very impressive!

  • Joe

    #11 I can NOT believe I didn’t think of that first. You, good sir guitarist, are doing it right.

    • Katie

      I believe you mean #10

  • jayjay

    #20 hmmm…………… nailed it!

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  • Sam

    #7 is the only one that's cool to

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