Kansas lost the game, but they won via the boobs (30 Photos)

  • ramon

    I guess no more calling Kansas flat because titties. Francois, don't lump me in that group.

  • Richards

    If half these chicks were at the game no wonder they lost

  • http://twitter.com/TN_Kenny @TN_Kenny

    THIS is how you use Twitter properly.

  • Tim

    Damn, I was a Ky fan but I am now a KU fan! I'm a guy, I know what's important! 🙂

  • am515

    Man! WTF! It doesn't matter how big your boobs are…don't post them up if your rolls and muffin tops stick out more than the twins!


  • Boobs4theWIN

    #5, #15, #19, #20…. What the fuck can I say!?!? {stands} (begins slow clap) *obvious boner as the crowd looks on*

  • http://blog.dirtyhotproductions.com/ waltgator

    please find more of #19

  • bill

    are we in kansas yet toto? yummy yummy lick.

  • the legend

    and just to know that im two hours away…im goin to kansas now.see u.

  • Red Raiders 2012

    its all about the Big 12 girls!!! Just a Red Raider giving props to the Jayhawk girls 😉

  • billyjack13

    #15 #19 Damn!

  • prostituteordaughter
  • luke

    #1 and #20 are the best

  • Maurice

    #9 Bristol, TN. There’s probably 120K race fans there and I’ll bet maybe a half a dozen of them are wenairg a bra ..sadly 95% of them (the men included) should be wenairg one.

  • O_O

    I just want to brrrrrrrrbbbrrrbrbrbr between them 😛

  • nick

    its nice to see some sexy busty babes around , boy wish i was at kansas id like to see more busty babes, it sure helps to see such fine babes.

  • JackZollo

    #19 ………find her please

  • 885

    #19 = DAYUM!!!!

  • guest

    good god… i'm living in the wrong state! talk about over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders!

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