Music stars before they were famous (42 Photos)

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  • deleted8871497

    #33 This is just scary.

    • Mischief_Ninja

      He was human….

    • Sploodge

      looks scarily like my dad when he was younger… suspicions!

    • Steven

      Very talented musician.

    • Pants

      Just another reason to love the guy.

    • Name

      You're a dumbass

    • Manson'sBitch

      Damn i wish he went to my school and i knew who he'd soon become so i could let him screw the fuck out of me that sexy motherfucker Damn!!!

      • Manson'sBitch



        and still rocking on!

        ………….. /' /)
        …………../´ /)……../¯ //
        ………..,/¯// ……. /…//
        ………./…//. ……./¯ //
        ……../´¯/'´ ¯/´¯ /…/ /
        ……/'…/… ./… /…/ //
        …..('(…´(… ……. ,../'. .')
        ……………. ….. ../…./
        …….''……. ….. . _.•´
        ……………. ….. ..(
        …………….. …. …

    • IlovetheGodofFuck

      My Night With Marilyn Manson – by Jenna Jameson

      There were stars everywhere, the paparazzi knew who I was, and every news channel was shoving a microphone in my face. After the red carpet, my friend Joy and I went to a reception. I looked into the tangle of VIPs and saw, towering over all of them, Marilyn Manson. I wanted to meet him, especially since I used to strip to his music. Before the thought left my mind, he was standing in front of me.
      "Oh my God, hi", I squeaked. He just stood there, staring right through me. It was a little creepy. Then he grabbed my hand and started walking around the party with me: Billy Corgan, Flea, Angus Young, Sting, Jon Bon Jovi, LL. Cool J, Rob Zombie, Joey Ramone – everyone I idolized was there. I was a little porn girl thrust into this world of rock superstardom. I was in heaven.

      The first thing Manson asked me was how I draw my eyebrows on. He kept pumping me for makeup tips. After dragging me around the room for half an hour, he asked, "Do you want to be my date?" I agreed. I followed him to his seat. Corey Feldman was a few rows in front of us, and for some reason Manson was obsessed with Corey Feldman. He kept throwing popcorn at the back of his head all night and reciting lines from ..EZCODE ITALIC START–>Dream A Little Dream..EZCODE ITALIC END–>. (Then he saw Amber Smith, who is a gorgeous girl, but that night she looked like a drag queen, so he started throwing things at her too. Everyone was a target to him. In that way, he reminded me of my brother. When he grew bored of pelting Sherman Hemsley with foodstuffs, he put my hand in his. For the rest of the movie, he just held my hand like we were teenagers on a first date. Every now and then I'd look over and see this tall character with long stringy hair, black lipstick, pancake makeup, and mismatched eyes, and think of how surreal the moment was. )Throughout the movie, he kept making very smart, witty comments. I couldn't believe how intelligent and thoughtful he was. When I came onscreen, he cheered for me. As I became more comfortable, I put my hand on his leg. I didn't mean anything sexual by it, but he got shy. It was very cute, or at least as cute as a self-procalaimed Antichrist can get.

      Afterward he invited me out with him and his band. I was in a better limo, because I had insisted on a Mercedes, so Manson, his bassist Twiggy Ramirez (who didn't say a word all night), and Billy Corgan (from the Smashing Pumpkins) all piled into my limo. "Watch this," Manson said. He poured a handful of different-colored pills into his hand and then popped them into his mouth and laughed, like it was all one big joke. (If I'd done that many painkillers and muscle relaxants, I'd be dead in half an hour.) When everyone else became incapacitated – Twiggy's eyes were rolling into the back of his head and Billy was drooling on his shirt- Manson took the opportunity to kiss me. I had a good buzz and thought, "Bring it on". (So Manson and I made out while Joy snapped photos.) When (we got out of the limo and) arrived at the party, everyone was looking at me funny. I thought it was because of the company I was keeping, but when I passed by a mirror I realized that I had his black lipstick all over my face. I looked like I'd been eating mud.

      • IlovetheGodofFuck

        Manson didn't leave my side all night. Even when he went to the bathroom, (which was often because of all the cocaine he was doing), he'd ask me to wait for him outside the door. (He didn't want to let me out of his sight.) We finally found a couch, and Manson threw his coat over my lap and slipped his hands under my yellow Versace skirt. All I could think was, "How can this guy remain so focused after taking so many drugs?" (We were a bizarre couple. I looked like a cartoonish exaggeration of the all-American California blonde and he was an exaggeration of the anti-American boogeyman. I was so different than most of the girls he'd been with, he said, so all night long he introduced me as his beach bunny. Yet, though we couldn't have been any more different, between us, we represented everything that religious fundamentalists and right-wing conservatives want to stamp out in American culture.)

        (After fifteen minutes, we left to go to another party. When we got out of the limo, paparazzi were everywhere, blinding us with their flashbulbs. The first person we saw when we made it through the gauntlet was Prince. Somehow Manson knew him, and he introduced us. Prince said "hi" and reached to shake my hand. I'd never been so tongue-tied in the presence of anyone else before. He was hot, and beautiful like a girl. Five steps later we bumped into Lenny Kravitz. Then we met Sheryl Crow and the girls from TLC and Quincy Jones, who squeezed my hand so hard I thought he was going to break it. It was all too much.)

        Up until then, (I had lived in the sheltered world of the sex industry. And) I had come to believe that I was a star(, especially after Cannes.). But when I met all these people, (I realized I was nothing). I was just a niche icon, not a real celebrity. I had sex onscreen; I did some perfunctory acting. These people moved and inspired millions of people with their music. All I did was contribute to Kleenex sales. (There must be something more I could make of myself.)

        • IlovetheGodofFuck

          When we got back to the hotel, Joy returned to our room and I suddenly found myself alone with Manson. That's when it dawned on me: We were going to have sex. And I was cool with it: I was on such a high, and I liked him a lot. "Let's take a bath," he said in a voice numb and slow from painkillers, when we got to his room. He drew the bath, took off his clothes and got in. It was strange to see him naked. He was tall, girlish, childlike, massively endowed and covered in scars in various stages of healing. I had a preconceived notion that sex would be crazy, but he was so tender and loving. He washed me from head to toe, working on my feet for a good five minutes. My tan lines seemed like such a novelty for him. Then he went down on me for nearly an hour. It took me that much time alone to even assimilate the image of the naked God of Fuck eating me out, his white butt in the air. Without drying off we moved to the bed. He started sucking on the soft underside of my arm, which I'd never had anyone do before. It was a turn-on at first, but he didn't stop and it got to be vampirish. That was the only thing he did that seemed the slightest bit kinky.

          (He asked me to get on top, so I lowered myself onto him. We had slow, searing sex. But every time I came close to orgasm, he'd pull me off to keep from coming himself. I would have told him, "Do me a favor and start thinking about baseball so I can come," but he hated sports. Finally I couldn't take it anymore. When he tried to push me off for the tenth time, I slammed my body down against his and rubbed my clit back and forth along his pelvic bone until we both came together. I collapsed onto him and then, when I got my breath back, got out of bed and began dressing to leave. )

          "Where are you going?" he asked.
          "To my room", I said.
          "You can (stay here and) sleep with me if you want."
          "No, I should be going. I have a lot of stuff to do tomorrow."
          "Why don't you stay and cuddle?" he asked.
          "Did you just say the c-word?!" I don't cuddle, but I lay with him a little while longer and listened to him talk about religion. Then I made my escape. (Rod was still waiting in my room for me.)

          Afterward, Manson started calling me – every day. When I wasn't there, he would leave me half-humorous, half-insane messages about wanting to set me on fire or feed me to Corey Feldman. (Since my marriage to Rod was loveless and sexless, I started seeing Manson on and off. But the more I got to know him, the weirder he became. He would talk about wanting to see girls fuck prosthetic limbs or sucking Twiggy's dick, (and I'd never be able to tell to what degree he was joking and to what degree he was serious.) And he wanted to fuck me in the ass a little too often for my comfort. (Every time we were naked, he'd be going for my butt like a rat to cheese. I still like him to this day, but I couldn't envision him as a boyfriend. )It wasn't that I was falling in or out of love with him. It was just that I was still married, and the whole strange affair was beginning to seem like a bad idea. Of course, I was very discreet about the fling. However, as soon as the paparazzi photos of us hit the press, Howard Stern was on the phone asking about it. I denied the whole thing (on the air and told him we were just friends.) But the next day Manson was on his show, blabbing about the entire thing. I never pegged him as the type to kiss and tell.

          Big Score for the GodofFuck!

    • IlovetheGodofFuck

      Mad because he isn't in school getting abused by people like you anymore and instead hes being praised for entertaining us well thats what happens when you treat innocent people like your fucking door mat you make him hate himself so he changed in to something more vampiric he teaches us to stand up for ourselves and to fight for what we believe in and to ever give up with out this amazing man in my life i would never had have had the strength to fight off my bullies in school its his music that got me pumped to do it thank you Marilyn Manson!

  • truth

    #25 pretty hot without a meat dress

    • that_ALBANIAN_guy

      I'll say. My first thought was "where did society go wrong"?

    • @danieljillm

      I totally would

    • john v.

      yeah, really hot. beautiful legs. what the hell happened?

      • flight_crash

        +1. Took the words out of my mouth.

    • observedeez

      Lady Gaga, the only musician who got worse looking with fame.

      • Mr X

        I object! Exhibit A: Courtney Love

        • @NickArts323

          Wrong, Courtney was hot in the 90's.

    • jaynecobb2

      i bet the Meat Curtains look good

      • guy

        man thats gross lol

    • Katie

      She should definitely go back to being a brunette

    • Lisa

      I feel like there's a penis joke in there somewhere

  • pufffdragon

    #2 #39 Avril & Prince, really?

    • izell

      Damn! Prince was one conscious MOFO back in the day.

    • lance

      thats avril …but not prince

      • tapsnapornap

        I concur

      • Gogo


      • RaealityCheck

        it's definitely prince. i've seen this picture on all kinds of "before they were famous" lists.

    • Conchy Joe
    • 6655321

      He'll make you some pancakes too.

  • mali_sapun

    #15 changing a face… one surgery at a time

    • krs1

      she looked like topanga… boy meets world

      • iGaucho

        I was thinking more Candice Cameron from Full House.

    • yep

      more like one hit of meth at a time.

    • Sluttypanda

      and tucking dicks…

    • Jeff

      I always thought she was black

  • etcrr

    #16 Gwen Stefani was gorgeous as a teenager.

    • Martin_McFly

      Seriously man… these guys rattle you all the time… and then you just open yourself up with calling a teenager gorgeous? *facepalm*

      • KeepCalmDriveOn

        Chris Hansen will be here soon.

        • Charlie Sheen

          etcrr is "WINNING", just like me.

          Tiger Blood,

      • Martin_McFly

        No problem dad…dad-daddy-o

        • Ned_Plimpton

          "Hey you! Get your damn hands off her!"

      • brumfield

        fucking pedophile Stan is at it again!!! Go fuck yourself stan….

    • fuckoffetcrr
    • fuck Stan

      This fits for you Stan!! #23

  • MattyDeuce

    #26 What happened?

    • @McBeastie666

      different lighting and HD happened.

    • weekendwarrior


    • ___

      She went gaga


    • you

      global warming

      • Dennis Miller

        Global warming is caused by the AIDS quilt.

    • Katie


    • Yo diggity


  • that_ALBANIAN_guy

    #12 Now I see why he wears that big helmet/mask

    • Timmer

      Haha true dat

  • Dunny_

    #25 #26 She obviously was not "Born This Way". She was much hotter at one point.

    • that_ALBANIAN_guy

      A little bit of lazy eye, no?

      Still would have.

      • Dunny_

        Maybe lazy eye….maybe just high.
        Still would "Poker Face".

    • SolidusSnake420

      Maybe didn't have a dick at this point.

  • *****

    #1 conan…

    • Dude Imbibes

      Thought Boy George at first

    • Sluttypanda

      Macaulay Culkin

      • huh?

        Ellen Degeneres

    • observedeez

      The cigarette doesn't contain tobacco, it contains the souls of dead musicians. That's how a ginger becomes famous.

    • tapsnapornap

      Conan would never pose like a turd, like Thom Yorke would…

      • tapsnapornap

        #1 Radiohead should go play a concert with #11 Coldplay and #42 Taylor Swift. Then they can all whine each other to death, hopefully. Oh and #21 John Mayer too.

  • AllanA

    WTF happened to Lady Gaga?!? She looked "normal" and hot #25 #26

    I'll still hit that #27

    • AmBush_Steve

      What do you mean by "still hit that #27"?

      Like we're supposed to be surprised? You mean like 99% of the rest of the male population on the planet and probably well over 50% of the female?

      Aren't you brave.

  • MarthaJeane

    #25 She should've stayed a brunette.
    #15 Does she remind anyone else of that girl on Full House?

    • BostonChiver.

      haha yeah she looks just like the chick from full house.

      • MattyDeuce

        Wow, she really does look like her! And you are spot-on with Gaga…brunette really worked a lot better for her.

        • @McBeastie666

          Brunette? she should've stayed an earthling.

    • Jonathan Irvin

      Tapanga or however you spell it

      • @chaoticbeauty6

        topanga is from boys meets world…

      • eptinger


    • Unfkngblvbl

      Candace Cameron…thought the same thing.

      • MarthaJeane

        That's the one!

    • tabitha

      its DJ tanner

    • SadeShadz

      #15 yeah she does!

  • Head Chef

    #12, #21, #31 – Who?

    #39 Prince had one bad-ass afro!!

    • reaperMEDIC

      #31 looks like one bad ass gangster sumbitch…

    • Head Chef

      Seriously? Neg reps for not knowing who Deadmau5, John Mayer, or Drake are? I'm in my 30's and have never heard of any of them 😦

      • davo

        agreed ive never heard half of this lists music. which makes me happy

      • @McBeastie666

        what do you want? a cookie? should we send it to that rock you're living under?

        • Head Chef

          Yeah please, send it to:

          Outside America

          • Name

            Actually deadmau5 and Drake are Canadian

    • Helpful

      Drake is a popular rapper deadmau5 makes techno dubstep stuff

  • Doug

    A lot of them looked like junky before and still look like junky now =) Just saying……

  • kirah

    #39 GTFO really?!?!?!?!?!?

    • Nolaboy

      Don't have be cool to rule my world!!

  • DRC36


    haha no shot that's prince, nooo shot

    • sixdeadelves

      yeah, i call bs

    • RobK

      It looks like Andre 3000.

  • BostonChiver.

    #12 seems about right and #40 he was in a screamo band before he ruined the dubstep genre (trolls and haters, come one, come all)

    • MattyDeuce

      Well, you are right, dubstep was cool until he peed on it…so trolls can GTFO.

      And as if I didn't suffer enough being an O's fan, I have to share my team with that degenerate…that's going to make this season even longer knowing that 😦

      • hello

        when was dubstep cool?

        • BostonChiver.

          When Caspa and Rusko made Fabriclive 37

          • smokemcbear

            haha dubstep is shit.

    • austin

      How did skrillex ruin dubstep? He's pushed it to another level..

      • BostonChiver.

        Although I respect your opinion, I 100% disagree. He's created a brand of dubstep that holds no progression at all, same beat patterns, growls and high pitched vocals in nearly every song he makes. Listen to some originals like Zedd, Rusko, Caspa, Dr P or Bassnectar, THAT is dubstep.

        • yodaddy

          How cute, Dubstep has hipsters too.

          If I had to choose between Dubstep and Nickelback, it would be Nickelback for as long as to took to write nice letters to my family before went to the top of a nice tall building and see if can convince gravity to let off this damn planet

          • BostonChiver.

            Whoa, those are strong words. Nickelback…yikes. I wouldn't call myself a hipster, I just don't have any taste for Skrillex's sound. Hipsters would tell that kid to go jump off a building along with the nickelback fans.

            • MattyDeuce

              "Who's Zedd?"

              "Zedd is dead, baby."

        • Mac

          I have to say,that Skrillex is a talented producer,I just dont like his music,it cannot be defined as dubstep anymore,some call it brostep or transformers having sex,whatever.

          I like me some Rusko and Zed,but to be honest you can hardly call them the originals,if you are looking for the origins of dubstep,go way further back, to the late 90s early 00s and check out El-B,Digital Mystikz,Skream,Mala.Loefah..Now that is original dubstep,before the wobbles! 🙂

        • pretty smile

          Sorry, Def disagree, Bass Nectar is not dub-step more like progressive jungle or drum and bass. Maybe Rusko but that's only if you like ghetto dub-step. Skrillex has done some great stuff. At least he's not a sell out like deadmou5. Love the Orioles shirt too.

          • austin

            Yea I can see what your saying. Don't get me wrong I do like rusko and caspa i have rusko and caspa on my ipod but im more into the new music I'm still young never really got into dubstep till about 2 years ago Or so.

            • austin

              And bassnector is the shit

    • Dick Salad

      Who cares, success is success and if it didn't appeal to a large variety of people he wouldn't make so much money doing it. Musical elitism seems so asinine in my eyes. I pretty much listen to any genre you can think of. I can find qualities I like in all of them. My freakin itunes looks like a musical orgy from big band to country and then back to some old hard shit like prophet posse. Basically what I'm trying to say is, who fuckin cares?

      • BostonChiver.

        Just laying some opinions, and to be honest, I'm very pleased with the collection of thoughts that have come together here. It almost looks like a youtube comment thread, but without the "go kill yourself, team skrillex for life" type comments.

    • LucretiusCarus

      No offense, all, but this was a lot of effort to spend on an essentially musically bankrupt style of…well, for want of a better term I'll say "music." Perhaps "aural feces" is better. But at least you all were respectful and cool about elucidating the merits of this…stuff.

    • Caleb

      What the fuck is a dubstep?

      • BostonChiver.

        Good try troll.

        • Caleb

          Not a troll. I really don't know what it is. I had never heard of that term until a month or two ago.

          • @McBeastie666

            so you've been aware for a couple months, just not enough to type the word into a search engine?

            • @McBeastie666

              yeah, that was kind of a dick comment….sorry.

      • smokemcbear

        its that stupid crap sound of random bass and high pitches screams that kids think is music.

    • gingergreek

      No I agree he ruined dubstep. His work is diarhea

    • Lex

      you cant ruin dubstep… dubstep is by nature total shit. music has 3 components: rhythm, melody and harmony. dubstep has rhythm. let me know if it ever becomes music.

      • @McBeastie666

        music can be whatever the listener wants it to be….jazz often broke your so called rules of music. i can't stand dubstep btw…but I'm not pretentious enough to totally dismiss something many people enjoy (unless it's Nickleback….I'll dismiss nickleback).

    • Name

      'Screamo' band was From First to Last. For the record

      • floppes

        and they were kinda famous in their own right.

    • Gaz

      Just kill it with fire and everything will be OK.

    • Eric

      I remember when I made music with no instruments. Wait, is a computer an instrument? It is now. FML

    • chito

      Skrillex made dubstep known to those who don't know it. some people did not know about dubstep until they heard, for example, that Scary Monsters track by skrillex because it became popular and made them curious of the genre and it even won a Grammy. and it seems like everybody's hating on him because of that. i see "fuck skrillex, he ruined dubstep" on almost every dubstep tracks on youtube. it's becoming like the "fuck bieber" thing. but oh well, i prefer Excision anyway.

      • Just Sayin'

        He's like the gateway drug to dubstep, much like pendulum was to D&B. Cursed to be hated by the 'hardcore hipster fans', but mainstream enough for people to want to explore the genres more after hearing them.

  • Patrick

    #10 What happened to her?! Now she has nasty boobs and a chunky face.

    • Dude Imbibes

      Yeah now she looks dirty and I mean in a "I'll probably get hepatitis" way not a "I think she'd go for a rusty trombone" way

    • it's true

      she got fat. plain and simple.

    • Blue bronco

      Popped a kid. Bad genetics

    • MonkeyMadness

      It's called getting older. It happens.

      • andfukyamoms

        its called baby weight. she blew up when she had a kid.

    • Dickle

      Probably Pregnancy Happened.

  • ASHley

    WHAT #33 Thats crazy!!!! #27 She looks actually really good!

    • Bruno

      She looks like a young Meg Ryan

      • HolePwner

        That was my first thought too.

  • uru

    #25 really? what happened there?

    • Briathos

      Have no idea, but finally a fellow Uruguayan Chiver!

  • Matt

    Not a cold chance in hell that #39 is Prince. Also, some of these are after they were already famous. That and Snoop looks like Kobe.

    • Ray

      Ha…I thought he looked like Michael Jordan.

  • Woodrowrules

    #5 #25 Lady Gaga was actually hotter then she is now
    Beyonce was always hot as the picture shows

  • Mark


    Coldplay looked like douchebags before they were famous as well … no real surprise there.

    • austin

      They still are…

      • SadeShadz

        Noooo! I love them still! =/

        • andfukyamoms

          i thought it was a picture of hanson before i saw the caption

  • toban

    #20 da fuck happened?

    • Patrick

      Wait, is that the kid from LOST?

    • GernBlansten

      Cocaine is a hell of a drug

    • morebeer

      purple drank

  • Jack o' lantern

    #21 looks like a douche even back then

    • irisoriginals

      Totally agree

  • Chuck

    Looks more like Dave Chapelle than Prince in my opinion haha

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