Music stars before they were famous (42 Photos)

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  • SirCtheIII

    I still don't know how Drake is popular. His music is nearing Bieber bad.

  • Pants

    #12 and #40 shall decide the fate of the planet as they duke it for the title of King of the Douchebags.

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  • DP3

    Hate to burst some bubbles but that is indeed Prince. The guy was on his high school basketball team!
    Take a moment to Google it. You can find a pic of him in a team photo. I'm a huge fan and during his Lovesexy tour (many years ago) he had a basketball goal set up on stage. Every now and then during the show he would take a shot and he never missed one! I saw that concert 2 times during the tour.

    Dude is talented. Period.

  • scott

    ha carter ima kiss the spot fo ya and ima kiss it till ya scream. WAIT A MINUTE MOTHER FUCKAA

  • Big C

    #8 #13 #20 #24
    Yea, "musicians"…..

  • Brian

    #35 James Hettfield looks more like Taylor Swift than # 42 Taylor Swift.

  • Dave

    #25 and #26 WTF, she was smokin hot. #16 hot and always will be

  • Melody

    #27 Aw! 🙂 Katy Perry is so cute with her Meg Ryan hair!

  • Nighthawk

    Lady gaga was hot unyil she started dressing as a guy on the MTV awards. I'd butter that miffin back then. Now? No way

  • Ken

    #27 – Wow! 🙂

  • cory

    they all look happier…

  • Brad

    Thought #11 was the Hanson brothers

  • Pit Worker

    Skrillex still has to hide in the bathroom to avoid bullies.

  • Eric

    #40 and we call this a "real" man?

  • Gregory

    Lil Wayne was a douche and graduated into being a bigger douche! Lady Gaga was hot , now she looks like a washed up call girl!

  • Dr. Evil.

    Lady Gaga used to be pretty. What the hell happened?

    There's something missing … oh yeah … BOOBS!

  • your mom

    #35 did you really have to put Metallica after Hetfield? What man doesn't know who that is

  • kw1q51lv3r

    #35 He was probably already somewhat famous by then because Metallica released Kill 'Em All when he was 18.

  • Waty

    #22 Was always hot I can see

  • irisoriginals

    #40 When he was still know as Sonny Moore and hung out with Fallout Boy and when he was in From first to last he's always been rather popular just now he does dubstep
    Sad face kinda

  • bloomfever2002

    #25 lady Gaga is stunning here!! She needs to go back to being a brunette.

  • Angie

    #40 I totally met him waaaay before Skrillex. I was 16, he was 17 and the singer of my favorite band at the time- From First to Last. He was famous back then, just in a different genre!

  • Dickle

    The most surprising=#39

  • Nichole

    #1 looks like Macaulay Culkin! dont y'all think so!!!lol!!!!

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