Want vs Need (33 photos)


    #26 Oh no Adriana… Not just for a little while… I'll eat that for days if you want…

  • UGTP

    #26 sure you can Fap here, just a little though…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=547783528 Alex Clarke

    #13 I want and need that

  • Amy

    #9 ❤ as a carpenter's daughter I grew up helping out a lot…this is beautiful ❤

    • Carpenter

      Wanna screw?

      • Hello World

        Ever been nailed?

  • Sirgallahad



    I both want AND need.

  • Sirgallahad


    How the hell are you supposed to change the magazine on that thing?

    • Sirgallahad

      TERRIBLE photoshop job on the hand b.t.w.

      His thumb is not even wrapped around the grip.

      Does he want both the slide AND the big fuck-off blade rammed into his skull after firing a round off?

  • scorpion

    #20 want now! where do i get this!

    • Brother Maynard

      Amazon, check Han Solo Ice Tray.

  • Vicwick

    #13 On a bitterly cold day, which parts of you would be stuck to that?

  • boobies

    #8 is on the needs list.

  • Poundcake

    I'd like to see a few more pics of #13. I think it is kinda cool

  • Yosi

    #15 is my good friend's invention. It's called the JuiceTank. He and his partner are raising funds on KickStarter and if you support the project you'll be one of the first users to get one once it hits production this summer. Here's the link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/juicetank/jui

  • Mark

    #24 & #31 where can I get it

  • Damian

    #16 this is why our once lusted after American girls are now fat pigs. That shit isn't better than peanut butter, it's made with sugar and vegetable oil and some chocolate. So disgusting.

  • cheeseftw69

    #26 … AM NOT!

  • stockley1234

    I don't get it; I already have all this stuff.

  • Jspiehs

    Thanks chive I just spent the last 30 mins buying a watch a iPhone case and ice cube trays!

  • sebbe

    #12! Seriously need 12!

  • DRC36


    Class & Wealth

  • Zeff

    #16 my two favorite things.. Nutella and brunettes… in that order.

  • Patrick

    Where can I find pic #31?

  • Gallus

    I look at #18 and all I can think is that the girl is pretty, but the maintenance costs would be outrageous.

  • Robert

    I'm not into the iPhone, but that's pretty cool.

  • SquishyFlint

    #10 "Pardon me. Is that a disturbingly innocent looking yet disembodied, child-like face attempting to separate itself from your phone by brute force in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"

  • X-Treme

    I MUST know what #31 is called. It will be mine. Oh yes. It will be mine.

  • Chet_Manly

    #6 #29 =the chronic.

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