Another real-life Barbie doll who wants your attention (34 Photos)

Via Malibubarbiedolly (Warning: NSFW)
To see Russia’s real-life version of a barbie doll click HERE.

  • homer

    i'd do unspeakable things to her

  • Edaea_Sinid

    A barbie is made of plastic right…so when it's broken…it should go to the yellow recycle bin right? So…garbage right?

  • esotericchuck

    She obviously drowns out her daddy issues with the bottles of vodka she has on her night stand.

    • Laura Catherine Vinicombe

      me and my father have a good relationship actually.

  • MBV

    Very simple…

    Was it worth it? Yes… She accomplished 99.99% of her goal, and made me a very happy guy because I have always wanted to meet or see a real life Barbie…

    Why not 100%??? Forehead

    Thank you though, SO VERY HOT…

  • ramon

    Can't really tell. Need to see if nipples are same as skin tone and her goodie basket better be shaved.

  • Timmer

    Kinda fucked up, but I'd still do her

  • Marty_GK

    Would definitely smash that!

  • April Calendar girl

    Pow! Pow! Pow!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You guys totally missed duck hunting season.

  • stickeys

    She'd give a dog a bone.

  • kmorrill4

    K… We know you can buy nice boobs what does the rest of your body look like? or is that not so nice?

  • Hope

    not sure if it's barbie or a duck

  • Mike

    #18 Douchebag Alert.

  • SquirePete

    Someone has her some issues eh? #18, something tells me this dude didnt pay for all this work

  • SquirePete

    #34 Reminds me of the Lucy Liu sex-bot Futurama episode

  • Ryan

    Motor boat barbie??

  • khurt349

    Something tells me she is probably dumber than a box of rocks.

  • BenJamin

    #33 … and why not. He'll, she is a mix of porn and every other model in make up.

    Thumbs up.

  • Jade Pickens Stohel

    That girl could have been beautiful… but now she just creeps me out.

  • alvh13

    Difference here…all of Barbie's accessories combined probably cost less than all of her plastic surgery…oh and Barbie's not slutty.

  • Will


  • cms

    wow, disgusting on so many levels.

  • CarolineOEvans

    While, she's cute in a few of these pictures I know it's only because she's completely "done up", it's sad that she had to resort to completely altercate her body to feel beautiful&/or get attention.

  • des troyer

    congratulations! you've just been inducted into the "I'm a dumb bitch club"… id rather eat my own excrement than attempting to care what she thinks for 20 seconds.

  • robskiy2

    how about one without the caked on make up?

  • mojo335i

    Looks too much like plastic, and probably has a personality to match. I prefer my women to be a LOT more real.

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