Another real-life Barbie doll who wants your attention (34 Photos)

Via Malibubarbiedolly (Warning: NSFW)
To see Russia’s real-life version of a barbie doll click HERE.

  • ifartalot

    Yeah! But can the BITCH cook?

    • Dr. Evil.

      The real forever alone guy.

  • pfrank813

    #8 yes please

  • DoubleDee

    Meh, looks like any other dumb skanky blonde…

  • Shakespear

    unlike some other barbie chicks this one actually got some form to her plus she is hot #24 and #21 show that pretty well

  • A Real Girl

    Someone put this poor girl out of her misery…

  • Bunny

    WTF is up with #27 ?

  • Tom

    Porn and Psych meds in her near future.

  • dawg065

    #15 and #16 x-rated barbie.never anything like in any toystore.

  • Chiver215

    This is just wierd.

  • RDN

    Serious mental………

  • bryainiac

    #25 you can see the bad boob job on her left breast.

  • chanf

    I'd lay the pipe down all day every day, hope Barbie has spare parts, I'm about to break some shit.

  • Dr. Evil.

    I'd totally do her but I'd probably feel disgusted at myself for it.

  • UglyTaxi

    If she Chives it's all good. If not, she can go to hell.

  • cudaman

    Someone this crazy deserves Surprise ButtSex!

  • Laura Catherine Vinicombe

    honestly the majority are pathetic, don't judge me on the way I look it doesn't define me as a person, my personality does, and by the majority of you're personality's I would say use are horrible judgmental people who need to have a reality check! and I'm not daft what so ever and I pasted all my A levels in school and completed college with a A grade! I have more qualifications than most of use!. My boobs, hair and eyelashes are fake that's it, but know most women wear eyelashes and hair extensions!, and I'm not a wanna be pornstar, I have no desire in doing porn, I'm a model and Elite tv presenter. pathetic bunch of people use are never judge a book bye its cover know!.

  • mook

    She spent all that money and looks nothing like Barbie. Ha ha ha stupid whore.

    • Laura Catherine Vinicombe

      I didn't try make myself look like barbie dumbass, all the money it was only a boob job that's nothing, and I'm not stupid clearly you are the stupid one!, whore? how does a picture make me a whore? it doesn't idiot!.


    […] Life in plastic. It’s fantastic. […]

  • Chepe

    How fake can she be..?

  • Aksnowmonkey

    Russian Barbie, now with hep C!

    • Laura Catherine Vinicombe

      russian?, I'm british.

  • Kitteroo

    Com 'on, she's just trying to be like her idol…. Plastic and Fake!

    • Laura Catherine Vinicombe

      Barbie isn't my idol, and plastic and fake my boobs are fake get over it!

  • J117

    The main reason she looks so vile is because she is orange as an oompaloompa

    • Laura Catherine Vinicombe

      I'm brown not orange are you colour blind? idiot

  • Trollified

    Her mother must be so proud.

  • silvesterswagg

    Ide pee in her butt

  • Wiltz Cutrer

    BANG! BANG!! BANG!!! Duck Hunt Level 9000!

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