Another real-life Barbie doll who wants your attention (34 Photos)

Via Malibubarbiedolly (Warning: NSFW)
To see Russia’s real-life version of a barbie doll click HERE.

  • Brotato

    i would kill myself if i was her father..

  • Shadow Kearsley

    Guy in 18 looks like a darsh. Makes sense…

  • Friar Tuck

    I think those titties are real…!

  • Snot

    Whatever. She poops one loaf at a time just like the rest of us.

  • Brandyman

    BBC, Bitch Be Crazy.

  • @Thedude_1620

    Never was a barbie fan till now good god

  • french chiver

    That's gonna be one weird lookin' 50 year old…

  • john long

    I would.

  • GTXMittens

    face still looks plastic…

  • Luke0027

    ehhh.. little fake for my liking.. i'd still put it in her ass tho

  • thirrteen

    Two words:

    Attention WHORE

  • Jezza67

    Hell no! Ultimate douche accessory. Can you imagine having to talk to her? Give me a Chivette anyday.

  • Bobestradamus

    No matter what you do you'll never heal that wound in your vagina

  • eppersonsam

    because i'm a man, i'd hit it. but also i know that she's batshit crazy and i don't actually want to strike up a conversation. this level of craziness leads me to believe that her brain is fake too.

  • JD Archer

    She may be gorgeous but I can guarantee she is crazier than a shithouse rat. Never fuck crazy!!!

  • Louie

    Like my main man the, "Garth" said, "LIVE IN THE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  • Edd Leamer

    I'd hit it…. With a brick

  • jason

    Three things, she's not good looking, Barbie is a toy… And this B is out of her GD mind!!! Did I mention Barbie was a toy?!!

  • jimbalaya

    Cake face!!! Awesome body

  • dasdasdsa

    I wholeheartedly.. would.

  • jake

    I bet she describes herself as "a huge nerd" or "such a dork"

  • steve

    2-bit high maintenance whore. Ridiculous fake tits too…always been a peeve of mine. Just think, if this bimbo woulda spent all that plastic (well that's like barbie at least) surgery on an education (or at least a Benz) she coulda went a lot farther in life. I'm sure her goal is to hook some douchebag ken, if she hasn't already, and take pics for FB/twitter like her name was adrianne curry. Awesome goals in life…

  • Kevin

    it's ok if I can take her home and play with her #8

  • Brian Oliver

    she looks like Nikki Minaj's white cousin

  • Mattchew


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