Another real-life Barbie doll who wants your attention (34 Photos)

Via Malibubarbiedolly (Warning: NSFW)
To see Russia’s real-life version of a barbie doll click HERE.

  • Mike

    #8 I'm not going to act like I wouldn't………good god….

  • The dude

    I'd hit it, but she's fake as hell and prob has issues galore. I wonder if she can carry on a conversation or bring anything other than sex and good looks to the table.

  • mattitude

    Life in plastic, it's FANTASTIC!

  • bean on your eyes

    Id give her the hammer

  • flip money

    Bonable if there is no y sex genes. I wana rip her head off too.

  • KO8E24

    Hey Barbie can i be your black Ken 😉

  • Zaedrus

    Can you imagine the maintenance on this one? Hit it and quit it.

  • Me1

    Daily schedule: wake up, shower, do hair and make up. Shit it's already lunch time! Who wants a girl like that?

  • Nick

    I would hit that like a drunk driver… If it was ok with my wife

  • Kelly

    These are the kinds of girls that regular girls call fake…no we are not jealous of you sweetheart…we call you fake because you have fake hair, fake boobs, ten pounds of makeup, fake nails, fake tans….what is so wrong with you that you feel the need to completely cover up the real you and hide under all the fake shit

  • Bash Joker

    She has my attention…and just about anything else she'd like.

  • Dave Morse

    Just another example of why I worry for the future of this country

  • Gag reflex

    Talking to her must be agonizing. Another father fails miserably.

  • Hamster

    Don't care, still do her in the butt

  • Eagleheart

    …I don't understand why anyone wants to look like they're made of plastic…

  • G-

    semen would still look the same on her flawless skin

  • Chachi

    ….just another dumb blonde pornstar….Russia's is 10x better

  • Nate Woodard

    When did Barbie get FF boobs? Dear women, stop putting fucking plastic in you. Unless it's a dildo.

  • Squiggle Juice

    Yawn. Seen it all before. People need to find a new toy to imitate. Next

  • Mutt

    #33 Post lobotomy?

  • @Meriik

    Stripper Barbie™ coming soon…

  • Ty_

    She looks like whore Barbie.

  • boobies

    #24 tattoos and boobs im sold.

  • toastymoe

    you had me at real life barbie girl #12 #15 #16

  • Cake

    Id take Alexis over this plastic ANY day!!

    • fuck stan

      Stan is already deleting comments….. what a fucktard!

      • PDiddily420

        He can't ruin his stellar imaginary cool rating. His Mom will kick him out if he drops below 125

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