• http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1564463848 Tim Fitzgerald

    Brewers got some skillz, anyone know the song from this? I can't remember

    • tdog

      Young blood by the naked and famous

    • Dr.

      Naked and Famous – Young Blood

    • NZ Chiver

      Some good Kiwi music to match a pretty sweet vid

    • Your mom

      Yeah awesome song…… First heard it in the movie "that's it that's all". Check it out

  • Alex

    Dat shit pretty cra'y

    • Terry

      crazy…….its one damn letter, and you sound like a fool.

  • joe

    He seems to be able to climb anything….except a staircase

    • KyleB

      Great comment!

  • Kyle

    Finally a video where the biker actually falls once in a while, proves they are still human. I couldn't imagine some of the serious falls they encounter.

    • Chris

      Check this out then. Crazy crash.

  • StickyWickets

    First off I want to start by saying that what this guy is doing is incredible. That being said, I really hope that these mountain bike videos don't become the new dupstep video phase that the chive went through.

  • Rye Guy

    Pretty amazing skill bro

  • A Dude From Tulsa


    • Dude from SLC

      If i like this, does that mean i like the ad? Well, i dislike the ad!!

      • assman

        adblock on chrome…I didn't watch anything but the bike vid.

  • digitalpimp

    friggin 30 seconds of my life i'll never get back. stupid adverts

  • FeloniousFish

    I wonder how often he needs to replace the breaks on that bike? A rippin' and the tearrin'!

  • anony

    holy cow upgrade to a browser with an adblocking feature jeez

  • Steven B

    He doesnt have a seat…imagine coming down after a jump and not able to stop your body… a ass rippin good time..

    • arTee

      They don't make a seat for balls of that size

  • Jezdezpez

    He needs some WD40 for that squeak

    • Tanner

      i think that is his brakes, and putting WD40 on that would make them loose and useless.

      • banananah

        nah, you're just sayin…

  • Jezdezpez

    Also, instant coffee? champs dont drink instant coffee! He didn't even finish it either. Waste

    • Scott

      The squeak is the breaks .

    • Matt

      I thought the same thing about the coffee! It must be in Great Britain somewhere, they think a coffee maker is luxury, so everyone just gets instant most of the time. (I know… I lived there for a while) lol. Restaurants actually advertise that they have fresh brewed coffee! In America, even non coffee drinkers have coffee makers in their kitchens!

      • Matt

        After further investigation, it seems that this is in Australia, not Great Britain. but I would assume the coffee situation is similar.

  • ryan

    does anybody no what kind of brakes he has???

    • Kyle

      hes running a magura hs-33 rim brake. in trials you actually grind the sidewall of the rim to create more friction against the brake pads. the squeak means its all working! i cant go neaaaarly as big as he does, so inspiring!

      • Karac

        'Ol Danny Mac is running saint discs now. From my experience with them on my DH, Not sure how you could go wrong with them on a trials. Not a trials rider though.

      • ryan

        ok im having trouble with my moutain bike brakes… they suck and i cant fix them..

  • Rome


  • Gossama

    Bet he has his own chair at the Chiropractors office

  • rick


  • https://www.facebook.com/jpieroni Joe Pieroni

    and this is why we can't have nice things =/


  • Yes Sir

    The Masters.

  • calmer_than_you

    impressive, but danny macaskill would ride circles around this dude in his sleep.

    • Dude

      2 different styles of riding, Danny could not pull half the stuff this guy can do and vice versa.

    • ick

      why does everything have to be a contest? this guy has some awesome skills. so what if his style is closer to "pure" trials riding, while Danny is more "street". i enjoyed both. really the only derivative aspect of the video is the structure of the video itself (blame the cinematographer not the rider). both riders are skilled enough to (track) stand on their own merits.

  • mcsgwigga

    It's ace but he's no Danny MacAskill

    • http://www.jinximages.com.au jinx

      Between this guy and Danny MacAskill's 'Way Back Home' I could watch YouTube all day…

    • NZ Chiver

      Holy Shit, its Parkour on a bike, way frikkin cooler!

    • bacon_bits

      All of Danny's videos are awesome. His latest one or the 2009 one are my favorites.

    • Katie

      2:26 – 2:31 Don't touch the lava!

    • Badwrench

      MacAskill is still the best in my mind. Absolutely amazing. The spot where the clip above is stopped is ridiculous.

  • tdr

    Hey Chive – 30 seconds is just enough time to mute the frickin' ad and read something else. Not to mention online ads totally turn me off to buying the product.

    • Chive

      sounds like a first world problem

  • spork

    good video, but he's no andy macaskill. that shit will blow your mind.

    • Curtboroff

      Danny not Andy. Two different styles as well.

  • monocogger

    I used to ride trials back in college until somebody stole my bike. bastards!

    • fred

      someone needs to start stealing bikes

  • spork

    that's what I'm saying! Danny mac = boss! Most trial riders make their brake pads, at least we do here in colo.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000228169942 Curt Boroff

      Danny who?
      He's good, but guys like Kenny Belaey, Andrew Dickey and Chris Akrigg are trials boss.
      My pads are made in Australia, by TNN.

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