Burning your bra proven to close the hole in the ozone (52 photos)

  • Local1Carpenter

    #17. Don't do it. Nothing is better than boobs except

  • Trevor meadows

    Oh number 14, we need to know each other

  • Brandyman

    Some men just want to watch the bra burn

  • SquirePete

    #8 I am absolutely in awe #17 don't do it because boobs

  • http://twitter.com/mayerjacoby @mayerjacoby

    1. this girl has thunder thighs
    2. so fake tits gets you popular huh?
    3. she looks like a bitch
    4. she looks like a short person
    5. those piercings means she prob has diseases like herpes
    6. why don't you use your brain and not your semi-ok body
    to be a staffer at the chive: get a computer, type in high school girls, post pics, ask users to find who they are. DONE

    to be a staffer at the chive: get a computer, type in high school girls, post pics, ask users to find who they are. DONE

    RACIST USER COMMENT: https://twitter.com/#!/mayerjacoby/status/1878963



    what chive users say/believe in https://twitter.com/#!/mayerjacoby/status/1850428

    1. Chive promotes racist behaviors by making fun of Asians and Blacks, and allows users to comment reallyr acist material (see yesterday's Asian Gangster post)

    2. The Chive promotes underage toddler beer pong.

    3. The chive is pedophilic in the sense that it posts pictures of underage girls and promotes users to find/stalk underage womyn and post their names. THIS HAS TO STOP

    4. The chive promotes genocide in Africa

    5. The chive promotes treating womyn as objects not people

    6. Did I mention the chive promotes racism?

    7. mac the intern is the most racist of them all

    8. Join the cause at chiveisracist@gm ail.com

    9. Follow me on Twitter to post rants against the chive

    10. If you don't think the chive is racist, look at the user board for : http://thechive.com/2012/03/21/photos-from-a-chin

    11. Chive promotes gun usage and DRINKING among TODDLERS. See: http://thechive.com/2012/03/20/daily-morning-awes

    12. Chive promotes the dumbing of America by posting college students illegally drinking underage and wasting their education. This is why America lags.

    13. Oh yea, FUCK YOU CHIVE.

    • Sport Royal

      uh hi. You should kill yourself.
      Because everyone hates you, and everything that you stand for.
      The only way for you to make up for all the hatred that you've generated is to kill yourself.

    • Cake

      I always wonder…why so much animosity? And two things always come to mind…a female who is constantly rejected her posts on thr site or a dude (or i guess female) who got denied a job working for the chive.

      I sincerely hope that you find some sense of peace/purpose in your sad and more than likely lonely life.

      • Dr. Evil.

        mayer isn't a woman, he's a guilty white liberal who thinks if he's a feminist, he'll finally lose his virginity.

        "1. this girl has thunder thighs ", "3. she looks like a bitch", "4. she looks like a short person"
        and "5. those piercings means she prob has diseases like herpes"

        So this is how you feel good about yourself? By insulting other people? This speaks volumes to your lack of self-esteem.

        And so what if she's a short person? That's sort of racist to short people.

  • Another chiver

    Why in the world would you do such a thing

  • I-Need-$$

    #48 You have a beautiful sexy body and mezmerizing smile.

  • smiley

    #4 Without a doubt, we need moar!

  • duke6043

    # 17 getting a reduction is the most selfish thing a women can do

  • jode72

    #8 is the national champion of bewbs.

  • Sport Royal

    #8 and #14 my favorites! Thanks for sharing ladies! :]

  • Married 😔

    Please stop what you are doing drop everything and go find #14 quick – wow 😍

  • Michael G

    #4 gasp

  • drumboybb

    #8 BBN FOR LIFE!!!! Pretty awesome that you're the number eight picture after UK won its 8th!!!

  • ar tee

    Thank you for all this beauty.
    Give us more information about these 2 gorgeous lovelies!!


  • Will

    #7, #14 absolutely must have more…now…please?

  • jack wagon

    #17 a breast reduction is every bit as immoral as an abortion and should be against the law to ruin tits that are that beautiful.

  • http://www.news4iphone.com/2012/04/05/beyonce-private-underboob-pics-and-other-fine-things-to-ogle/ Beyonce Private Underboob Pics and Other Fine Things to Ogle | News4iPhone

    […] Girls without bras? I’ll support them. (TheChive) […]

  • MickQ

    #14. A perfect pair of boobs if I do say so myself.

  • kaleb

    Love, that sask girl! would like to see some more of that!

  • Maj

    Title says 52 pics, I see 48 only… is it just me? 1-48 so good… want the rest!!! 😛

  • Anonymous

    #39 that's awesome!

  • Maclintoc

    I dont remember eating yogurt, but there white stuff all in my pants….WEIRD !!!

  • bobonuts

    #28. Dammit they stole Pujols but i cant hate them now.

  • Kenny

    OMG!!! —– MOAR!!!

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