Burning your bra proven to close the hole in the ozone (52 photos)

  • random guys opinion

    Jesus H Christ, #17, please don't. I would gladly walk behind you and support them.

  • BigAl

    Too many awesome Chivettes to mention individually

    #17 you're the best … PLEASE don't do it!!!!

  • dasdasdsa

    Wtf, why would you reduce them.

  • Bgk

    #28 go angles!

  • captBadTouch

    ❤ #47
    moar pls

  • chivedaddy

    #4, #13, #14 and #36 blinded me with awsomeness!

  • Hobknober

    #38 puffy nipples. Got to love it

  • Frank

    #43 is Jessica Barton

  • The guy

    #17 you're slapping god in the face.. don't do it….

  • Jeff

    #45 Beautiful smile, Excellent breasts!!
    #47 again what a smile!! I personally would love to see each of these young ladies eyes and of course, Full body photos!! Gorgeous, both of you!

  • Spencer

    #17 that is slapping god in the face!

  • jeff

    All in the spank bank lol

  • truthcanbebought

    #43 winnnnnnn and moar.

  • stumpy

    Chive, you fucking rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bodhisattva

    #34 you are making both of us blind

    • 198892010

      Blind? She's hot!

    • bdg


  • http://hahafunnylol.com Shane

    They seriously need to make me Secretary of Boobs in the Obama Administration…this way I can pick which women can walk around without shirts and which women need to keep them on.

  • lylsmorr

    #43 GOOD LAWD!

  • TheNarb

    #9 She is most definitely a repeat offender

  • crash25

    #4,#13,#27 wow. Just Super. Also, #8 go Cats!

  • ShaWow!

    #2 – FIND HER and MOAR!!!

  • EN1

    I feel the impulse for the first time in my life to go north of NY. thanks Chivette from Canadia. J/K I know it really is Canada.

  • dawg065

    #23 moar!!!!please.

  • burlap

    #17 don't do it.

  • Trainer

    no #17 don't do it. You will deprive all of mankind with the joy of seeing those fantastic wonders.

  • http://twitter.com/falcoMVAgusta @falcoMVAgusta

    Why would you do such a thing???????

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