Chive Everywhere (86 HQ Photos)

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  • DemoPenguin

    #59. Jacksonville Florida. Welcome to my city. ugh. Help me move. (i live at the beach however.)

  • Ivan Husnjak

    very nice 🙂 im suzuki rider aswell

  • Ekajevans

    #45 & #86 I approve of your actions. I love The Chive community so much. All of you fellow Chivers are amazing. Every time someone is seen with a KCCO T-shirt, there is always a picture afterward.

  • leafsfan2005

    If ever there were a measure of how awesome your buddy is – this guy is that bar. That's a million percent awesome.


    #78 This literally made me tear up.

  • Joe

    #66 reveal yourself from another loyal Long Island Chiver

    • mickdeck

      It's about time we got a Long Island Chivette.

  • paulhitchcock

    #78 Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.

    • marcus

      agreed. ultimate sacrifice, that's a hero right there. and thanks to his family for their sacrifice also.

  • Snoop

    #86 dear god, i wonder can you save me. . .

  • Gary

    #50 – Shiny.

  • Sub1

    #2 Moar! Those are great tits!

  • Unc5

    #10 Girl on the right, moar!

    • BigCat

      I am very proud to say that the girl on the far right is my girlfriend

  • Travis Carstens

    #78 Was a great guy, and is a hero in all aspects. I will never forget that day. From an Eisenhower Chiver.

  • longshot421

    #50 that's Summer Glau, right? Awesome. You can't take the sky from me.
    #86 Dylan Dylan Dylan. Always great to see you.

    • kyle

      Yep. She was very nice. I may have caressed her hip a little? >_> All i could think was "no hover hands!"

      • longshot421

        Atta boy! You could have gone a la #25 with "no hover mouth", but then there'd be the assault charge an all that. 😉 KC&CO! Nice job.

  • anthony Y

    #8 just awesome #44 at least you're a pierce fan

  • Rob

    Hey Strong Island, Nassau or Suffolk.

    Long Island Chiver.

  • Jessie

    # 78
    A true Hero, its to bad more of the hero's stories are not told. It shows the best mankind can be.

  • The boss

    #10 girl on far right! Woowzerz ! Must find her plz

  • jode72

    #8 LIKE A BOSS. Old guys rule.

  • SneakyPete

    I get none of this in Denton. Where are these chivettes??

  • Dylan

    #3 – I'll take the one on the right.

  • freddy boy

    #78 RIP, bro. Job well done.

  • Boyce


  • Jaba

    #68 Fuck you you Okie douche. Give me back my fucking Sonics.


      OK. I’ve had enough of your whining, Seattle. Here’s the real truth… (Pt 1 of 2)

      Seattle had a wonderful thing. The Sonics were like a beautiful girlfriend that you could show off and be proud of. Everytime someone saw you with her, they thought, "dang, your lucky to have her."

      But then, as time went on, this beautiful jewel continued to require attention, affection, and yes your support. Thing is, you wouldn't provide for her and her feet were gettting cold – she knew there are better options for her. In other words, you were no longer able to satisfy her.

      You kept driving her around town in your Plymouth Duster and thinkin you had it good. Well you did, you just couldn’t do what it takes to keep her from noticing there are some other guys around. Not my fault – yours.

      Along comes OKC, new arena, big money, proven success, and a bigger Dick than yours! You tried to keep her. Crying didn’t help. Begging didn’t help. Whining is getting you nowhere. You can’t satisfy your bitch – then you don’t deserve her! Grunge is dead and so are your NBA hopes. Deal with that! Bitch!


      Rest assured that this girl is just as beautiful, actually now adays she's looking even better. She sleeps well in my bed every night and is satisfied like you could never dream of satisfying her. And she’s louder than ever now that I’m with her – probably cause I’m hittin the deep spots your little peckers couldn’t reach.

      So quit blaming OKC because you couldn’t satisfy her. She’s moved on and you should too. Yea you got broken down like a shotgun by a “Redneck / Hick businessman from the midwest”. Better watch out, someone may be sneaking up on your other teams too, even though they suck.

      The Sonics fans should move on. It’s over. Just like Ted Nugent said when Curt Cobain took the cowards way out – " That’s just one less whiney mother fucker."

      Enjoy your weather. THUNDER UP!

    • Chrth22

      Good luck stealing a team from Sacramento – FUCKING HYPOCRITES!

      *hands Jaba a towel to cry into*


      BTW – Jaba

      We're going to the Thunder – Pacers game tomorrow night..

      What you gonna be doing?

  • nyr

    #86 you're welcome!

  • ChaseTheWalker

    Holy Mother of God we need moar of her!! #2

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