Google’s ‘Project Glass’ is an interesting concept (Video)

If there’s one thing I love about technology, it’s being smarmy about it and shoving it in people’s faces. Google’s ‘Project Glass’ is currently under development, and I can’t wait to sit in a Starbucks talk-typing my new screenplay with it.

Check it out here.

Conspiracy theory, hasn’t this been around for awhile?

  • Clint_Schmitty

    Truly a revolutionary technology for the way we interact with the world. Though I have to ask, with this technology in front of his eyes, why is he buying a physical book?

  • westcoast

    Is this how all white people hang out with each other?

  • Ronnie R.

    I don't know which one is lamer. The guy wearing a scarf or this concept. Its bad enough living in downtown Chicago watching dumb ass texters walking into buildings, cars, fountains, people, the list could go on for ever. Now I'm gonna have to dodge assholes wearing google powered glasses.

  • RUOMO10

    I seriously wonder how many people will walk into traffic, doors, off of piers, and other stupid situations with this thing on. Let the games begin!!!

  • Gude Ideyahs


  • Dan

    Love the concept and idea.
    Hate the three assholes in the video.

  • Tim

    …Nobody can be told what the Matrix is, they must be shown…

  • larmo

    should also teach how to pronounce "monsieur"!

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