Play some beer pong with Stifler (Game)

Play Stifler’s Beer Pong Here.

American Pie Reunion is in theaters Tomorrow, and we got a chance to see a sneak peak last night. It’s pretty damn hilarious, and I would personally let Nadia make out with me if she asked politely. Head on over here to play beer pong with Stifler, and check out the American Pie Reunion facebook page here.

  • Dan Cassani

    first!!! um………..this isn't as great as it seems

  • taxpayer

    i odered my kcco shirt yay me

  • echogeo

    Trying to purchase a Chive tee is like riding a roller coaster nude, in the dark, blindfolded while being pelted with paint balls. What a cluster fuck!
    Glad I got mine.

    • Name

      I'm sure that's an incredibly inaccurate analogy. Even in a grossly metaphorical sense. Thumb-down to you.

      • hmmm?

        Bitter cuz he got one and you did not?

        • Swaff

          i am…..

        • Next Time?

          Yup. He sounds like a bitter boy to me.

  • PatWizz

    got 2 : )

    • Sluttypanda

      why do you need 2

      • JHL1

        I case he's molested by a slutty panda.

  • A_O

    With all these movie adds the chive should be able to afford better merch hosting…

    • Elan

      It's kind of unfortunate, because the fact that American Reunion is sponsoring TheChive already spoiled the fact that the movie sucked. Not that it's a HUGE surprise, but now there's not much doubt.

      Because there has never been a time that TheChive was sponsored by a movie actually worth watching. Bucky Larson, anyone?

  • sfb101

    Totally crashed the site again, shit!

  • Stevie13

    Yep, got 3!! Fuck yeah!!!

  • Unfkngblvbl

    Well, got my wife and I shirts….not keeping calm quite yet…still shaking.

    • dutch

      over a t-shirt?


      • Unfkngblvbl

        it's like the last seconds of an ebay auction for something you really want, that's hard to get….sooo…fuck off.

  • schnizz

    i suck at pong

  • Unfkngblvbl

    The beer pong game is kinda fun…wish the cartoon chick would flash though or something.

    • McBoogerballs

      Just google some porn. Real boobies.

  • Drew King

    Got 5 shirts! fuck yea, first time trying………. pimpin ain't hard.

    • 'sota

      Fuck you, and there's people who want one. Why the fuck do you need 5? I got one and I'm thankful, you're an ass.

  • Trav1121

    Enough of this silly junk! Where is Erin as Chivette of the Week already?!

  • MikeHock

    no rebuttals? game sucks, nice animated FLBP tho

  • Guest

    Mmmmm. Stifler's Mom!

  • svetka

    Cannot wait to see this movie..

  • Rhyno

    what's with all the negative voting? you fuckholes mad or something? jesus christ!

  • Cutoo

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