Redheads scored another TKO….in my heart (35 Photos)

  • Kevin

    16 could be bald for all I care. What a body.

  • drbman

    #20 who is #20||

  • drbman

    #27 who are you?

  • Mike

    according to all the hot chicks i've seen on this site, there's probably a HOT GIRL for every living straight man on earth. this odd makes me happy.

  • RJB

    #15, 22 and 29 MOAR please

  • chicago

    #1 always makes me stop, smile, and dream

  • Owen

    #17 – wins by a whisker

  • Mike

    #25 #30 same chick. So hot she got in twice.

  • homer

    #29, you don't want everything to be bigger in Texas. Otherwise it would be like throwing a hot dog down a hallway.

  • MattieCO

    #32 you're doing it wrong Pond. That isn't what I meant by "you on top"!

  • paul

    #17 wow love the tiger

  • MattieCO

    #19 perfect example of want vs need. I'll let you guess which one is want and which one is NEED.

  • Griff

    #11 Good lord, y'all. That's a bangin' body. Does anyone know who she is?

  • Roadie

    #33 I have her tattooed on me – epic redhead

  • boobies

    #12 #27 #33 ohhhhhhhhhh my are you HOTT!

  • HoustonChiver

    Lovin me some #15, #16, #20, gotta keep representin' redheads and texas proud #29

  • Matt

    #31 = dream girl

  • Central-Scrutinizer

    #7 stunning

  • coinbank

    #25 #30

    wow a new low for the chive…a repeat in the SAME FUCKING POST! 🙂

    • Lucca

      I wouldnt call it low she's hot she deserves to be on twice or maybe she's a twin!

      • coinbank

        i prefer the replacement and not only cause it isn't a dupe

  • Weaver

    #15 need to be found. nothing better then chive, redheads and Guinness…..

  • CanChiver


    Sweet Mary Mother of the Lord…… is what is tattooed on her right thigh.

  • EdmontonGuy

    MORE PLZ!!!! Of all of them…

  • Tony Miteff

    #24 paradise found
    #32 Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) my favorite companion.

  • Travis Putman

    #3 i love a hot redhead with a gun

  • inspector32

    #29 i live in Arlington and your doing it right

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