The Chivette of the Week: Erin Young (33 HQ Photos)

Just a few short weeks ago, Erin Young submitted her first photo to theCHIVE with that amazing underboob shot below. Then Erin won the 21 Jump Street Ultimate Spring Break in Vegas. Having partied with the girl for a week I can tell you more or less a rockstar.

More importantly, she's easily the most chilled out Chivette I've ever met, nothing really phases the girl. You could tell she was genuinely excited to meet all the Chivers in Vegas which really speaks to why the Chivettes in general are so awesome, they're Chivers too, just like us… but boobs.

One of Erin's best qualities is her smile. We all like our smiling Chivettes and Erin's could light a moderately sized city. Her appearance as the Chivette of the Week is no surprise so without further adieu, here is Erin Young presented in reality, zero photoshop.

Erin just created a facebook page!

Erin’s facebook page.

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  • kriswithak

    shes from the town i live in, i've seen her a bunch of times. and shes absolutely stunning. but probably wouldnt waste her time on us chivers..

  • Drew Walejko

    We should totally have a Chivette of The Year. I vote for Erin. If they win, they get one of everything the Chivery sells and we get more pictures. Or at least get Erin back to the Chive office and give us some more sweet Chivette action!

  • tseuq

    still my favorite chivette

  • Oliver

    Dave, you are a man after my own heart taking all those pecturis!! Usually I’m the one taking lots of photos & my kids are so sick of me at the end of our trip, but now they can give their comments to you! However, I truly think they’ll love all the documentation of their trip. We sure have enjoyed tracking them & sharing w/ family & friends. THANK YOU, THANK YOU ! hope you’re getting some time w/ Deanne to enjoy yourselves too!!

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