• Laxbro

    Long sleeve medium logo tees are still in stock.

  • UpperDecker

    Got mine. Very happy Chiver!!!

  • Ben

    Got to checkout, put in credit card info clicked process order then it kept saying "temp problem" over and over! Dislike … C'mon Chive

  • Jason

    Alright got a large, yup cart looks good, wait, what ,where the checkout button hmm maybe if I add a note nope refresh aaaaaaaand sold out

    Le sad

  • TampaDJ

    WooHoo………35min of refreshing w/F5 i fianlly got to the check out button and said it was sold out……F5 again for 5 min and all went smooth from there. Never typed my address and CC in soo fast in my life!! FINALLY!!

  • Tuckerdog88

    Are they sold out or not?? Been waiting for month.

    • Tuckerdog88

      I mean months!!!

  • this guy

    yes, please do a pre-order

  • allen

    Christmas come early for me and all my pal's, all 5 of us were trying to get these, and I able to get an order in for all 5… now we have to figure out who wears theirs and when so we all don't look like douche's wearing the same shirt lol.

    oh and by the way, this is the 3rd time i tried getting a shirt, first two times not so lucky, this time I KCCO and it all worked out.


  • Jason

    I suppose I got further than most.
    I got to the "apply promo code" page before it crash and then went out of stock.

    Crappy week so far: Dog died, brother shipped overseas, 3 midterms, no Chive shirt.

    Well nothing left to do but wait until the next round, hope its by my birthday (6/19). Please Chive.

    Chive on!

  • Sterling

    I had one in my cart. The site crashed and when it came back they were sold out. Not a happy Chiver right now.

  • chicago

    theChive made page 3 of [whats hot links] for high internet traffic. way to go chive!

  • DesertWolf

    Got a short sleeve and a long sleeved black logo shirt, but man you guys have got to get an ecommerce partner who can handle the load your sales put on the system, you are really pissing off some people with the poor service.

  • B-to-the-H

    Trying to help out fellow Chivers. Just checked as of 3:50 Eastern Time. KCCO sold out. Logo still available.

  • IslandLily84

    Anyone in Saskatoon looking for a couple of shirts. My bf and I were both on trying to order; it worked for him and it crashed on me at the credit card screen but I got a confirmation email. So now we have double what we wanted. KCCO mens medium and short sleeve Chive logo mens medium….lemme know

    • JanPhilip

      Are you charging $100 like those derps on eBay? :

  • allen

    Christmas come early for me and all my pal's, all 5 of us were trying to get these, and I able to get an order in for all 5… now we have to figure out who wears theirs and when so we all don't look like douche's wearing the same shirt lol.

  • JoeyDaJuice


  • Pete

    Crashed after I entered my CC number and tried to complete the purchase. Now I have three pending transactions on my checking account and no confirmation number or anything. Only want one of those to go thru. Crap.

  • Matt

    I got both of them. Just gotta remain calm

  • blarg

    Also, you should re-learn how to number your lists.

  • SaltLakeChiver

    To those of you saying that they should make them available all the time, or whatever:

    The Chive does this on purpose. It is a genius marketing ploy. Think about this. They release a very limited number of the "exclusive" shirts. They get sold out instantly almost. They only release them once every few months. They put up pictures of people wearing these shirts as living testimonials of how awesome it is to have one, to further increase desire. They have intentionally created a minimal supply, which will always keep demand ludicrously high. If they were available all the time, would we all race to get them? No. They announce them days beforehand, knowing that there will be a frenzy. They probably make more money doing this in bursts than if they kept them all the time.

    • Rappaport

      Now if only they could get their site working properly and not have it crash every time they sell them. Oh and maybe reserve ones that are in peoples carts rather then selling them out from under people.

      • SaltLakeChiver

        Not gonna disagree, but take into account how many people worldwide are trying to grab them. It's essentially similar to a DDoS attack. The reserve thing, I 100% agree on. I've had them taken out of my cart, out from under me, once or twice.

    • Honorarius

      We'd gladly give them our money… They don't want it, so we'll continue to buy knockoff KCCO shirts elsewhere…

    • SlapChop

      It's interesting because they could profit more by jacking up the price. People pay $50 – $100 on ebay for these suckers….

      The real cash cow here is the ad revenue folks. The demand for these t-shirts give them web-click traffic few websites can replicate. Result: I bet these t-shirt sales make up < 10% of their revenue streams.

      But idk…something tells me these guys are not all about profit.

  • Fah q

    Sickness the circle is now complete BFM, KCCO Irish, and now the original KCCO. Game completed.

  • Mitchell, Z

    Its funny how Chivers are extremely friendly in person any day of the year, the only exception being the 30 minutes to an hour after the shirts are released that we hate each other.

  • @mayerjacoby

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    • billfuckingmurray

      fuck off…if you don't like the site then don't come here you fucking idiot…do you post this on all the porn sites too? cause i think those might treat women like objects too…just stfu

  • rob peirson

    Seriously I just signed in and they're sold out already….FAIL!!!!!

    • billfuckingmurray

      you're an hour late…

    • SlapChop

      FAIL at time..

    • Honorarius

      They were sold out 45 minutes ago…

  • naa

    thanks for providing your email address above. I'll sign you up for all kinds of junk you'll just love! KCCO why yes i can sure sign you up for the notice for when shirts are available also. Thanks for playing have a great day!

    • meh

      This is honestly hilarious

    • SlapChop

      Love this…I shall make sure this stellar person gets a subscription to as many porn site's free newsletter as possible.

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