• Sheldon

    Chive….I'm not a smart man, but I know how to order a t-shirt and the website wont let me do it. My I suggest that you do a pre-order for the KCCO shirts. This way they can't sell out and everyone is happy.

    • SlapChop

      Dear Sheldon. Please retake Econ 101. And stop whacking it.


    • morgan

      lol people are such idiots on here? dont you think they watn them sold out the whole point is for it to be COOLLLLLLLLL to have one, or just a really big nerd

  • lightgod86

    After being sold out for months…. They go right back to being sold out for months…

  • SlapChop

    Let's say…just hypothetical…that I use my new KCCO as a cum rag after banging my smokin hot gf. Anyone want it after???

    • bfm

      what size is the shirt? and include picture of gf…. 😉

    • B-to-the-H

      Why would you cum on the shirt instead of on (or in) your girlfriend?

      • SlapChop

        I get REAL excited about theChive

  • Willis 2420

    No checkout….no shirt this time. Ima have to KCCO!!

  • Andrew

    Who's dick do you have to suck….

    • Thomas


    • SlapChop


  • uranium_scarf

    Am I the only one who doesn't care about those shirts anymore? Chive would acomplished more by posting some pictures instead of f***** their visitors.

  • white ape

    hey mayerjacoby, just because you didn't get a shirt doesn't mean they're racist, it means you're not lucky. stop crying about the sand in your vagina and be patient.

  • Chewy

    Got 2 extra KCCO in medium. Let me know if you want one. Tweet @loplawski

  • derped it

    Aaaand, bootleg time it is. Too many failed attempts for me.

  • ksc

    your all fucking idiots if you havent realized they sell these like this for a reason…DEMAND! if we could all preorder them there would be no demand. The tshirt post gets hundreds of comments in seconds.

    I think the guys behind thechive are greedy and racist but ill still rock the tshirt o ordered today. The other one i ordered will be on ebay when it gets here,,,suckas

  • Jflo

    I got one its the best day of my life!! KCCO!!

  • R?!

    I scored an extra one. What should I do with it? Any ideas?

    • B-to-the-H

      Give it away as a gift to a fellow Chiver that you know. Or you could sell it at regular price to one of the unfortunate souls who couldn't get one today.

  • cinderelly

    Hooray! Can't wait to get mine! 😀

  • Sarah

    They need to make millions!!! Sold out already 😦

  • Sarah

    Make millions!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rawter84

    thanks chive!

  • Bum boy

    Grable grable grable grable. I didn't get one

  • Drew

    Had one then it wouldn't let me check out. If I don't get a Large someone's cobbler gobbler is getting a firm slap.

  • Easy

    Also got screwed at checkout. Or the complete lack thereof. Got the shirt in the cart, checkout button wouldn't load for an hour. When it did? Cart empty, shirts sold out. Store fail.

  • Eric

    "Sorry, this product is temporarily out of stock.". Weak sauce Chive…

  • Patrick Cummings


  • RCH

    I scored an extra one. What should I do with it? Any ideas?

  • matthew

    Got 2 kcco, 1 chive shirt, poster and cards. What an awesome day. Hurry up postman!!!

  • weaselnoze

    Got 2 extra mediums. By accident. Either shop towels or I'll take applications @Mr_t4co

  • minhmoneyle

    finally got my hands on the shirts!!! Though it was no easy task with so many others battling it out.

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