• Darby Nickless

    I don't know if anyone has addressed the "no checkout" button issue, but what I did (successfully) was once the shirt was in my shopping cart and I saw there was no check out button, I just typed in in my browser and it sent me to checkout! And it worked! So keep that in mind next time they put you through this impossible expedition!

  • anonymous coward

    the checkout button was nowhere to be found, but simply adding "/checkout" to the URL took me there, woo hoo!

  • jake

    WTF! Thanks for the heads up……

  • BSweezy

    Its a big joke!!! Refresh. Refresh. Refresh. Loading yes!!!! Still loading. Loading. Loading. Loading. Loading. Sold out! Insert table flip.

  • Texas

    Jesus. H. Christ. . . Make. More. Shirts!!! FUCK!!!

  • Greenie

    Had one of each in my cart at noon and they where sold out by the time my checkout button appeared! But not to worry they'll be on eBay next week for $75…this blows!!!!

  • Paris

    No check out…and when it showed mine was gone!!!!! Remaining calm

  • asnsanta

    I was at work, trying to to get one at the 12pm dot but had no signal on my phone and by the time I could, they sold out. I'll KCCO until the next time.

  • Vanessa

    Ugh tried for 30 minutes. Had my shirts in my cart and as soon as I wanted to check out there were 'temporary issues'. Then the last time i refreshed they were out of stock. So i still don't have a shirt

  • Alvin

    Got all the way up to entering my credit card info and then I was told inventory was out…FFS.

    Logged on to my banking transactions, and now my account was charged for the shirts…so confused.

  • SGT Ryan Childers

    Okay, I was in the field when the military shirts were released apparently I can find them anywhere. I missed the irish kcco shirts doing night ops in the field. iIget home today and get my wife a kcco shirt but mens sold out I cant catch a break ive been trying to get one of these for a year now please help me chive! PLEASE!!!

    • @hituoc

      hey i might have an extra medium b/c somehow i got two confirmation emails. i can give it to you at retail price. tweet me since it wont let em give my email. thank you for your service 🙂

  • jason

    Lets have a few more for those us who don't sit at a computer all day!!! And FUCK YEAH, I am bitter. It would be nice to have a chance to get one.

    • Darby Nickless

      Didn't sit at the computer all day. Just five minutes was all it took, once you were told the time they'd be ready.

      • FUDipshit

        FU if the god damned website doesn't fucking work or 40 minutes it's irrelevant….

  • kyle

    Finally got one

  • KCCOinTO

    Mayerjacoby is an idiot. That is all>

  • Kelowna Chivette

    Certainly crazy!!! Server crashed on me 10-20 times mid-purchase…. no checkout button available. Only a button saying "update"… that worked, then server crashed again. I pressed refresh until it FINALLY worked. That was a rush. thankfully I was able to get mine and one for my best friend. Yay!

  • Julie

    Mac's the darkest one at the office btw… facepalm

  • moxie

    got an order number arter my card went through
    but no confirmation email yet whatcha think that means?

    • Bob

      You'll be fine. Mine took a while too.

  • SaltLakeChiver

    If you're bent out of shape because you didn't get one, you don't deserve one. Ironic that it says Keep Calm on the shirt and a good percentage of people trip nuts when they don't get it. The thrill of trying to race to get it makes it fun.

  • Greg

    Had my info all entered and behold! – The white server error of doom message! But I kept calm and chived on. Kept hitting try again and it went through! Thank you!

  • Ng Chang

    You know they are going to sell out, order more douchebags.

  • matty022

    You have to admit their marketing scheme is genius. Keep supply to a trickle so that demand remains super high. If they sold shirts to everyone that wanted one all at once, the hype around the shirts would go way down and their "special snowflake" factor would diminish.

  • thwartme

    Make bigger shirts. Fat dudes like chive, too.

  • @hituoc

    hey fellow chivers i somehow have two confirmation email and two charges on my cc. so i have an extra small and medium for men. since this site wont let me put my email on here. hit me up on twitter and i'll give it to u for retail price plus shipping. KCCO

    • K-VON

      hey I dont have twitter. However if you get this and still have that Mens Medium id glady grab that off you.

  • K-VON

    Haha I wish I had noticed my credit card was expired before all this. Ill get you next time, KCCO shirt!

  • B Dub

    I got each size I needed for myself and my buds into cart, then crashed. I did this several times with the same result. But, KCCO! I don't understand all the swearing here. Frustrating-YES, but think about what you are ordering… "Keep Calm" Hopefully Chive will do a preorder to show that they do care about their loyals… And, I wait for my Canadian Military KCCO to become available….

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