• Coops

    Finally got one, after the last three goes!!! Took half an hour with all the bloody site crashes but I kept calm, chive on, persevered and Bazinga! I gots me a chive shirt. Now to wait 3 weeks for it to get to Australia.

  • nee

    3rd time was a charm for me! I finally got one for the bf. Of course I was turning blue BC I was holding my breath the whole time

  • Taylor

    It feels like Christmas. After having my car broken into and having my psvita stolen yesterday, this totally makes it all better.

  • Nick

    Hopefully one day they will decide to not be pricks anymore and do a damn pre order

  • allen

    email me ashusterman3@gmail.com with a copy of your military ID or something for me to know your really military and I'll hook you up, I placed an order for 5 today. Thanks for your service.

  • Jay

    Ordered right at 12, had them in cart then site crashed didnt get the shirts hard to keep calm. the chiverys ass.

  • Grantus88

    Man you make it hard for the Aussies to get these shirts! I'll just have to keep calm and chive on till next time

  • Dave
    • Frostback

      Damn Straight!

  • Kayla

    Got all the way to payment information, clicked the submit button and it crashed. Refreshed then the checkout button disappeared but items were still available to buy. Spent my whole lunch break on this, and then had to go back to work. Tried to keep calm, but this was the highlight of my day, thought on the third try I'd get one. GRR.

  • James

    Does anyone know when exactly did the chive post about the info for the KCCO shirt release time& date? I feel like I have to look at every post to know these things. SIGHHHHHHH

    • Chuck

      I saw it about 4 days ago on an add at the bottom of Motivational Monday. Then they just posted yesterday in the actual DAR. Sorry dude. KCCO

  • get more KCCOs

    you need to order more at at time….this is bullshit

  • Jesse

    First it says I have them, then there is no checkout button, then it finally shows up and when I get to the next page it says they are sold out, WTF???? Seriously in 5 minutes. Next thing you're going to tell me is that there is no Santa Claus. It's hard to KCCO when you use a shitty company to sell your product. You guys need to get your act together. And what is really upsetting is that not a single person has come on to say that they are sorry to those of us who didn't get it. No explanation at all. Not very Chive of you guys.

  • thetruth

    order more than 2 damnit! wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • thetruth

      your email to notify when more shirts came is does work either

    • Livin' Legend

      Most of their customers sure as hell did.

  • Spaced Kowboy

    Finally got one today.

    Here's a tip people: use PayPal. None of that entering all your CC numbers, name, addresses, etc. I've been burned doing that before. It takes too long and the stock depletes before you can finish. With PayPal, it's just a click, enter your password, confirm payment, and your order is submitted.

    So next time, Keep Calm and PayPal On.

  • Kim Etzerodt

    So, for how long are you guys gonna continue to deliberately not produce shirts to meet the demand? Every single time this shirt returns, it seels out in like, no time. Is it really impossible to find a supplier to produce enough? Or do you just follow toy-makers strategies of never producing enough products, so the hype can keep damends going forever?

    This constant shortage of supply just makes this shirt completely unappealing, since I know that I'm never gonna get one because you guys never put enough for sale at any time ever.

    Is there a reason you don't let your users pre-order the shirts and just send them out as they get made? Like so many other online shops do across the globe?

  • Timmy P

    CHIVE!! Please explain why no
    Check out button? I was on at exactly when they went on sale and no check out button. Not a way to treat loyal Chivers.

  • Matt

    I like the Chive, but I am not impressed with how you are handling the merchandising. If I worked there, I could easily increase your profit margin while maintaining a positive supply-demand factor in your favor. Ball is in your court now, Chive.

  • creynolds90

    no freakin warning. WHY?! i like how i gave them the email to "inform me" and at least last time they told us it was coming. I was on the road when it launched. DAMN!!!!!

  • yeah

    How hard is it to keep t-shirts in stock? How can I go to a concert, see thousands of shirts on sale, think about how many cities my band is playing in over the next few months, realize that they HAVE ENOUGH shirts…then think about how many cities they will be playing in over the next few months, then wonder why The Chive can't seem to keep them in stock? Maybe its time for a new shirt printing company guys?

  • ChiveMaster

    BALLS. I missed it AGAIN.

  • bkquill

    I hate you Chive, y u no have pre-order? I did get my Military KCCO shirt though.

  • Chuck

    Why is nobody who is trying to buy the KCCO shirts keeping calm and chiving on?? Instead it is lets see who can bitch the most.

    • Honorarius

      Hard to KCCO when fellow chivers are buying 20 at a time and selling them at 3 times the price on ebay…

  • ricardo_santoz

    I have 2 Extra Shirts, If anyone is interested first 2 People to email me at "Username"@yahoo.com ill Sell them to you, you cover shipping.

  • Reginaguy

    will there ever be a day when there is more then 10 shirts available in every size?

  • rs

    I went bat shit crazy when thechivery said you have successfully purchased a kcco shirt. It only took 6 month of trying to get it, thank you chive for making my week.

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