• Timmy P

    CHIVE!! Please explain why no
    Check out button? I was on at exactly when they went on sale and no check out button. Not a way to treat loyal Chivers.

  • Matt

    I like the Chive, but I am not impressed with how you are handling the merchandising. If I worked there, I could easily increase your profit margin while maintaining a positive supply-demand factor in your favor. Ball is in your court now, Chive.

  • creynolds90

    no freakin warning. WHY?! i like how i gave them the email to "inform me" and at least last time they told us it was coming. I was on the road when it launched. DAMN!!!!!

  • yeah

    How hard is it to keep t-shirts in stock? How can I go to a concert, see thousands of shirts on sale, think about how many cities my band is playing in over the next few months, realize that they HAVE ENOUGH shirts…then think about how many cities they will be playing in over the next few months, then wonder why The Chive can't seem to keep them in stock? Maybe its time for a new shirt printing company guys?

  • ChiveMaster

    BALLS. I missed it AGAIN.

  • bkquill

    I hate you Chive, y u no have pre-order? I did get my Military KCCO shirt though.

  • Chuck

    Why is nobody who is trying to buy the KCCO shirts keeping calm and chiving on?? Instead it is lets see who can bitch the most.

    • Honorarius

      Hard to KCCO when fellow chivers are buying 20 at a time and selling them at 3 times the price on ebay…

  • ricardo_santoz

    I have 2 Extra Shirts, If anyone is interested first 2 People to email me at "Username" ill Sell them to you, you cover shipping.

  • Reginaguy

    will there ever be a day when there is more then 10 shirts available in every size?

  • rs

    I went bat shit crazy when thechivery said you have successfully purchased a kcco shirt. It only took 6 month of trying to get it, thank you chive for making my week.

  • Carlos Martinez Jr.

    Well didn't get to get one again.yall must only order 100 at a time. =(

  • biggs

    Crazy pumped!!! Can't wait till mine shows up!!!

  • Lamion

    NOOOOO! Not again! Why must this always happen? WHY!?! CURSE YOU SUPPLY AND DEMAND!!!!

  • dennis

    the concept of mass production and or hiring a printing company to do by order shipments just don't apply to you people does it. i dont care because i wont order a shirt because well i have better things to waste my money on but yea every time their sold out in minutes and it gets annoying reading everyone whine about how they didnt get a silly shirt from a online time killer web site like its the end of the world and their going to go sit in a clock tower and shot people

  • ExChiver

    Cart = KCFO Keep Calm, Fuck Off

    Don't worry, the eBay scalper (the-patent-guy) that seems to have an endless supply will make another few grand off people who missed out this round! Anyone care to explain how he manages to never run out?


    • Jdub

      Seriously, is there no purchase limit?

  • TampaDJ

    Ok…………..I don't understand whay sooo many of you guys/gals are having issues with getting these shirts. Today was my third time and each time( got my KCCO St.Patty's first, following week got my wifes St. Patty's KCCO and today got the original) I had the "no check out" button as well. Next time use F5 like there is no tomorrow. For those who didn't get em, KCCO my friends!

  • Martin

    Not fair… Selected one, but no checkout to pay. Refresh, refresh, refresh and then no more item in my cart.. SOLD OUT WTF !??

  • genkidave

    SweetI I got 3 Men's X-Large KCCO T-shirts baby! Boo-ya!

    Keep Calm and Chive on from Port Coquitlam, BC

  • Timewaste

    Things keep their value when in small numbers or so they say

  • Jim

    Do you guys know anything about running a business? I mean come on what are you ordering 200 shirts at a time?? Roll some kinda line of credit…order 1000's of shirts and stop this bs about the shirt is the most wanted shirt in america…… If you order the proper amount it wont be the most wanted shirt in America because people who want them would have them.. What a joke…….Chive on.

  • Craig

    Fuck me, I was gonna get a shirt for my bro in Afghanistan……..I guess having a day job has its disadvantages :/

  • Mike L

    Got one today for my good buddy, hes super stoked. I almost feel like the cluster fck makes both the experience and the shirts that much better. KCCO, and try again next time.

  • @swiftenhaal
    • matt


  • theblenny

    So it will take a year of dedication to acquire a quiver of prized chive shirts. Quit crying and have fun babies.

  • Jamie

    HA. I didn't even bother to try!!!!! Chive OFF!!!

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