• Don't Tase Me Bro

    Got on for me and all my friends 7 total.

  • Jdub

    Zero for two… Two shirts in cart (again) only to be denied (again). Even Bill Fucking Murray would say this is not cool.

  • Notmyname

    sold out – missed it again

  • Andrew

    Some people have to work at a job during the day that isn't in front of a computer so yous guys ought to have these sales later in the day sometimes!

  • Lance

    I will never have my KCCO shirt 😦

  • Gunny

    Who wants to bet people receive these before I get my military kcco ordered 3/16?

  • NobleSobel

    I feel like half the fun is the chase and trying so hard to get one, cause once you get one you appreciate it so much more.

    • CantChive

      Give me yours and you can have the thrill of the chase all over again.

  • Christian Cockburn

    How could I be asleep while this was going down? 😦
    Damn you graveyard shift!

  • Crazy tv Lenny

    Someday when I can afford one I'll get it

  • Waty

    Hey Chive… Any way you can make the next date of sale on a weekend for us Chivers who have grown up jobs??

  • Michael Kelly-Morey

    Agreed the chase and trying is half the fun, but there should be a limit to the purchase amount especially when you read people have picked up 20+ with the plans to sell them on Ebay. I for one am not going to stoop so low to deepen their pockets and I hope my fellow true chivers and chivettes will do the same. So here is to next time and maybe soon I will wear one under my uniform but until then I will KCCO.

  • Manuel

    You guys need to do a sale on the weekend when those of us who are too busy making all your beer can buy some shirts.

  • Anonymous

    Really Chive!?!?!?! Opening day at 3pm(est) during the game is when you release the shirts. Bad call!!!!!!!!!

  • Calmchiver

    Make more shirts so they aren't sold out so quickly! Maybe half a million would work lol

  • Swiss Chalet

    Shit.Fuck.piss. why God? Why no checkout button?

  • Spaced Kowboy

  • Moosebow

    So tried to get them for me and my friends and got charged for 6 but never got a conformation? No you can not just have my money chive i want my shirts

  • @hituoc

    i have an extra small and medium facebook me at hituoc if you're interested. i'll sell it back at retail price plus shipping. KCCO

  • Shawn

    Fuck u and ur impossiable to buy shirts!!

  • TheReal

    Chive…10 T-shirts does not cover the supply and demand curve! Not enough shirts…just saying.

  • Shawn

    How hard is it to make a bunch of shirts! Ive tried the last three times now just to be disappointed every time. Make more shirts!!

  • YouAreFat

    Got my shirts! Such an easy check out! First try = success" great site Chive!

  • Tyler289

    Son of a bitch! Make more before I deploy!!!

  • Monte James

    Saw this, and got excited, then I saw the sold out message.

  • Blame_anxiety

    I finally got one. I didn't believe it until I received the confirmation email

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