The original KCCO and Chive Logo tees have returned!

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kcco lead The original KCCO and Chive Logo tees have returned!

After being Sold Out for months, the Original KCCO and Logo Tees have returned right here.

Chive Logo tees also available in long sleeve right here.

Good luck!

UPDATE: All sizes Sold Out

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  • Don't Tase Me Bro

    Got on for me and all my friends 7 total.

  • Jdub

    Zero for two… Two shirts in cart (again) only to be denied (again). Even Bill Fucking Murray would say this is not cool.

  • Notmyname

    sold out – missed it again

  • Andrew

    Some people have to work at a job during the day that isn't in front of a computer so yous guys ought to have these sales later in the day sometimes!

  • Lance

    I will never have my KCCO shirt :(

  • Gunny

    Who wants to bet people receive these before I get my military kcco ordered 3/16?

  • NobleSobel

    I feel like half the fun is the chase and trying so hard to get one, cause once you get one you appreciate it so much more.

    • CantChive

      Give me yours and you can have the thrill of the chase all over again.

  • Christian Cockburn

    How could I be asleep while this was going down? :(
    Damn you graveyard shift!

  • Crazy tv Lenny

    Someday when I can afford one I'll get it

  • Waty

    Hey Chive… Any way you can make the next date of sale on a weekend for us Chivers who have grown up jobs??

  • Michael Kelly-Morey

    Agreed the chase and trying is half the fun, but there should be a limit to the purchase amount especially when you read people have picked up 20+ with the plans to sell them on Ebay. I for one am not going to stoop so low to deepen their pockets and I hope my fellow true chivers and chivettes will do the same. So here is to next time and maybe soon I will wear one under my uniform but until then I will KCCO.

  • Manuel

    You guys need to do a sale on the weekend when those of us who are too busy making all your beer can buy some shirts.

  • Anonymous

    Really Chive!?!?!?! Opening day at 3pm(est) during the game is when you release the shirts. Bad call!!!!!!!!!

  • Calmchiver

    Make more shirts so they aren't sold out so quickly! Maybe half a million would work lol

  • Swiss Chalet

    Shit.Fuck.piss. why God? Why no checkout button?

  • Spaced Kowboy

  • Moosebow

    So tried to get them for me and my friends and got charged for 6 but never got a conformation? No you can not just have my money chive i want my shirts

  • @hituoc

    i have an extra small and medium facebook me at hituoc if you're interested. i'll sell it back at retail price plus shipping. KCCO

  • Shawn

    Fuck u and ur impossiable to buy shirts!!

  • TheReal

    Chive…10 T-shirts does not cover the supply and demand curve! Not enough shirts…just saying.

  • Shawn

    How hard is it to make a bunch of shirts! Ive tried the last three times now just to be disappointed every time. Make more shirts!!

  • YouAreFat

    Got my shirts! Such an easy check out! First try = success" great site Chive!

  • Tyler289

    Son of a bitch! Make more before I deploy!!!

  • Monte James

    Saw this, and got excited, then I saw the sold out message.

  • Blame_anxiety

    I finally got one. I didn't believe it until I received the confirmation email

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