• Alec

    Next time please don't make us wait for the checkout button to show up. Kind of hard to get your order in when you're on at 2:01 and you can't check out. Would have had my shirt if it wasn't for that.

  • Matt

    Why are you guys such dbags about making these shirts. It isn't hard to place a large order of shirts. I do it all the time. I get you are trying to drive interest and such but get over yourselves and let your fans get some shirts.

  • Mikjenn

    How about another timed sale for your loyal Chivers on the other side of the world? A 12noon PST sale on Thursday is 5am Friday sale here in Guam. I love you guys but I cant drag my ass outta bed at 5am after a Thursday night full of beer and women!!!

    • Spaced Kowboy

      Then you just don't want that shirt bad enough, my friend!

  • Phillip

    Fucking bitch ass scaly wags!! No checkout button then errored out. Damn it Chive. You make it hard to represent.

  • bukssna

    why dont you just make like 10,000 shirts and then they will never be out of stock…. or make orders open for a few days and then make per requests… I mean if you profit from them why not make more…

  • SmoothTransact

    Not sure what everyone is complaining about, I managed to get 40 shirts across 2 different orders with no checkout problems. Have all sizes of the green t-shirt for men (except XXL).

    Will put most of them up on eBay for a small profit when they turn up, so keep an eye out!

    • SmoothTransact

      I actually didn't get any.. no checkout button like everyone else!


  • zonia

    I ordered right when they became available and because of the damn checkout server they were sold out by the time I got to enter any info…..that is just fucked up

  • VeteranChiver

    Any idea on when the military shirts will be arriving? Ordered two of them on March 15, money taken, but still no shirts. Thanks from a Chiver Veteran!

    Didn't try to get one of these shirts today, since I wanted others to have a chance. I think there should be a limit (like 5) that a person can purchase, since it defeats the "Chive Mantra". Karma is a funny lady for those who purchase a big lot of shirts and resell at profit on eBay. Comes around.

  • haha

    Lol you guys. All of you who didnt get one… Look on the bright side. At least I got 4 :p

  • James Munn

    Finally got my first Chive black t shirt!!! Thx Chive!! You made me very happy and i was K.C.C.O. 🙂

  • Dan

    If they were smart they would just put all these shirts up for pre-order like they did on the military ones and then maybe everyone that wants to get a shirt can, and their shitty ass supplier's server wouldn't crash. Been trying to get one for over 6 months and every time they go for sale they're gone within 30 minutes. And being overseas with the time difference makes it damn near impossible to get anything.

  • Thomas

    Damn you chive

  • Patient Chiver

    Aww – did everyone lose their patience with the crappy ass vendor? If you had just hit "retry" 3 times it would have gone through…..guess you'll just have to wait till next time eh? KCCO – try exercising the first two words when ordering.

  • @MSgtSimon

    Maybe do a pre-order? Cuz…..seriously….I want one.

  • Mizzildizzil

    Got a men's medium, need a men's large. Any traders out there??

  • Honorarius

    Anyone know where I can buy a good quality knockoff??? One that looks real???

    • BootlegBob

      Look on eBay, supergoodlife has flogged off literally hundreds of knockoffs! also ironpromotions does one for 10.99!

      I am seriously considering a really shit fake rather than handing my money over to a scum of the earth scalper.

  • need tshirt

    damn i want one too 😦 its a shame we cant get 1 and few ppl got 40+ :((( damn you Chive

  • Rainmaker2112

    @Honorarius Don't buy one through Cafepress, since they are cheaply done and the lettering will stick together after you wash it. Then it peels off. Haven't had any issue with my St. Paddy Day's shirt from TheChive. Been through the wash without a problem. Buy only TheChive!

  • Shat_Thrice


  • Larry

    I hope all you e-bay douches are claiming your t-shirt profits as income on your taxes. I would hate to see the IRS come down on you idiots..

  • EJay

    DAM got the time difference wrong with Australia. 😦 and on my Bday

  • ChivelessT

    What amazes me every time is that they sell out in 15mins! In this day and age, with a HUGE demand for these Tee's you only sell what is like 5 at a time! WHY CHIVE? Get a HUGE stock in so i can buy one of these bastards!I been trying for ages to get 2 yes…Only 2! Either let all of your fans buy one so we can all wear them, or don't sell them at all….I love Chive but all i want is 2 Tee's for me and my bro! If i had some tits im sure if i posted them on the chive id get a couple! Unfair!

  • Donkey

    thats what makes this shit so F-ing Amazing cause its the whole supply and demand, sure the CHIVE could mass Produce a # of shirts, but then if that we're to happen then the "chivers everywhere" wouldn't be as fun to do the wheres Waldo approch to another chiver cause then everyone and their freaking mom's would have one on.


  • Bill

    SOLD out already!? When will you make more?

  • Hazaramushkilguzara

    madarchod!!! i put my email address so u could tell me when it came in n i could order it!! i think ur website forgot to email!!! chootiyay saalay!!!

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