Awkward Easter Photos (21 Photos)

  • Theresa

    Somebody didn't get a Chive t-shirt in time, did they? Oh well, maybe next time champ!

  • jean.

    #9 #14 #17 What were these parents thinking? "oh what a cute bunny, go sit on his lap.. this will be a great memory.."

    • tapsnapornap

      What were the people that made the costumes thinking, "Oh that's super cute, kids will love this shit!"??? I don't even want to scroll back up to see if there were any costumes that weren't scary as hell!

  • Billy2hats

    I now have a unnatural fear of all rabbits, thanks chive.

  • tyler

    go buy some skittles

  • Julie


    ….well yeah, who wouldnt? Sounds like a perfect addition to the olympics to me

    • DeDav

      Holy crap, I never thought of that! That IS perfect! It could be on the Stoned Olympics!

      • Dr. Evil.

        Like I keep saying, mayer isn't black, he's a guilty white liberal.

  • Blake

    Im starting to develop a fear of easter bunnies

  • Herb

    Dude! Where ya been? Ain't seen you in two or three days. Was it a PETA rally? NAMBLA meeting? Doesn't matter, good to have ya back.

    • tapsnapornap

      Hah! I don't think he's in the North American Marlon Brando Lookalike Association!

  • Herb

    WTF why are 16,17,21 in this? Don't they know this post is the Hare Club fro Men?

  • Sarmad Syed

    Damn this is some creepy shit…at least the bunny from donnie darko wasnt on here

    • Anna

      Isn't that what #21 is imitating?

  • drbman

    wow Chive, i usually fantasize here, now you'll be responsible for sponsoring my NIGHTMARES #17 seriously wtf Alien wabbit?

  • fed

    #18 are the armchairs made of toast??

  • Matticus

    I didn't realise that easter was such a creepy made up holiday…

  • mustache

    Wow… What the fuck do we do to our kids?… #5 & #6?..

  • PR151

    U mad bro?

  • tapsnapornap

    Go shit in your hat

  • Vent187

    #17 hahahhahahahhahahahaha THE FUCK??

  • Vent187

    #21 is that the girl from Juno?

  • MrScalabrine

    #13 Soon!

  • WastingYourEnergy

    The Chive promotes genocide in Africa? Really? You can provide a direct connection between the posts on this website and the propagation of support for genocide in Africa? I don't agree with or like everything that is posted here and I definitely would say that some of the people who post comments are ignorant, inconsiderate, sexist, immature…the list could go on. But the chive also posts some pretty interesting things, like the one about Google's "project glass," the five monkeys experiment video, and the recent post about Kurt Vonnegut's letter to the head of the school board who banned and burned his books. No, I wouldn't go so far as to say that things like that make up for all of the half-naked women and "so you got wasted" sunday posts and I do think that that type of post is somewhat of a rarity on this website, but I would say that the chive is an online community with people who contribute both negatively, as you have pointed out, and positively. There are a LOT of people with internet access and not all of them are sensitive about the political correctness of what they choose to share. That is a plain and simple fact and there is no way of getting around it. There's also a lot of people who do have politically, socially, culturally sensitive things to say. If you want people to agree with you and to effect a change about all of the negative things that you find on this website, I really recommend avoiding hefty claims like "mac the intern is the most racist of them all unless you have solid information to back it up beyond his posts on this website. Nobody wants to follow you on twitter to see your rants against the chive. Ranting at people hasn't been historically effective in making them take sides with the person doing the ranting. Posting a big old, caps locked (so we know you really mean it) fuck you right at the end really makes people who like the chive understand where you are coming from and want to hear you out. Even if people agree with you to begin with, ending on that note makes you just as ignorant as the people you are criticizing and only invites confrontational responses from others. You can find a lot of things on the internet that are worse than the chive.

    • Julie

      underage toddler bp > anything else

      • Dr. Evil.

        Kony 2012, aka White Liberal Guilt: The Movie!

        • Julie

          lets make it

  • etcrr

    Horrifying Easter Bunnies are Horrible

    • etcrr sucks dick

      stupid comments are stupid!

    • notstan

      I'm not sure you could be any more of a useless sack of shit stan,

  • misschris

    #14 Seriously, where the f*ck do you even find such a raggedy, meth-addict looking Easter bunny costume?! Nightmares will ensue.

  • Mutt

    I feel like they could use some of these to make "Night of the Lepus II – Hopping to hell"

    • Full

      That movie must be made. Fond memories of watching the first one.

  • Mark Almighty

    #21: Ellen Page?

  • LooWho?

    #8…. looks a bit like Donald Sutherland???? #3: "Robby, take your sister to the shed."

  • Lisa

    Is it a rule that all easter bunny costumes have to be fucking terrifying?

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