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  • Mikey

    You know, I was one of those who bought the BFM 3D last month and had to use the special link to re-order, and I still have no idea when it's going to be delivered! What's going on Chive???

    • soldieringitout

      I was in the same boat and just received my shipping confirmation yesterday. KCCO!

      • Trav1121

        Confirmation for a 3D or just reg BFM, soldier?

      • Mikey

        Let's hope it comes soon, KCCO!

        • Garvey

          I couldnt order one so I found a place in china that do them and got it from them for $8

    • kramerftw

      Let's just be grateful for a post without stan's comments in the first page! I'll drink for that!

      • Mikey

        Hahaha, cheers!

      • Paula_

        Let's compensate for that a bit.

        #40 QUICK! STOP HER! She's trying to get out of the kitchen!!1!

        – fan testimonial: "You provide a spark to our site. – Anonymous"

    • MonkeyMadness

      Well, it looks like Chive can't even honor the ones who actually got to place an order. There's a shocker.

    • Chorel

      Some people shared the secret page and they oversold. THAT is why some orders have taken longer. At least that's what Chive told me. Mine took about 2 weeks to ship from time of ordering.

  • The1Architect

    Woah! I must have missed #51 the first time around.

    • lonin

      Melissa Midwest NSFW

    • F.S.M.

      No shit! Epic underboob. WIN

    • Nate

      Who is she we must have moar

      • tapsnapornap

        Can you read?

        • Scuba Steve

          VICTORY IS MINE!!!!

    • Dave

      Find her!!

    • Dennis


    • Andy

      Heather Harmon from IDEEPTHROAT (?)

      • Iggy Catalpa

        Just a shame when a girl that pretty is a porn-skank.

        • Jesus

          What do you have against porn actors? If you tell me that if you were met her, knowing she's in porn, and DIDN'T try and tap that, I would personally revoke your manhood… Or what's left of it, anyway…

          • Iggy Catalpa

            Ouch! Harsh words from the lord! Fortunately, this is one Jesus who can't judge me. Anyway, I don't deny she's pretty, but no, I don't think I'd wanna go there, assuming that I KNEW what she did for a living. And stop thinking about my manhood, I've got plenty, and it's none of your concern!

            They're all just opinions, dude! So relax and KCCO!


    • Boobs4theWIN

      (looks to the stars) I bet she tastes like rainbows and sunshine

    • Fkn Nick, Duh

      It's Melissa Midwest, she's basically an amateur pornstar. Lives in Nebraska, seen her downtown Lincoln a handful of times.. SO fine

    • jason

      Yeah its Melissa Midwest. I've met her several times in Omaha NE, she's actually a nice person.

  • medic619

    #14 you left the tourniquet on……

    • Sighs

      EMS Strapper is the worst strapper

  • @dustinkern

    Keep Calm & Chive On.

  • Ballsack Jones

    #51- porn star

  • Jebus

    #34 wins. Praise Jebus…. Oh and #51

  • Jeremy
  • cindy b

    #7 and #47…so true

  • someshmuck

    #51 whoa….

    • TheUndertakerr

      This is "Melissa Midwest"…she's a pr0n star. Lots of hardcore with her out there.

  • AKStallion

    #29 Well, I'd hate to see that workout

    • Tony

      It should read your dinner is my appetizer.

    • Pasta water

      That gym goes through pull up bars like no where else.

    • James

      Wal-mart, right?

    • Bryan_W

      I'm pretty sure it's on her back like a turtle just trying to get up. She probably works up a huge sweat.

  • JayBee

    #3 Dat stomach… Dear god.

    • Mike

      yep…did we ever find out who this is?

    • bob

      Its a good thing she left those glasses on! Otherwise how would I know she was a hipster?

  • lonin

    #11 Take my money!

  • sweetlew

    #17 seriously who invented yoga pants and how do i thank him?!?!?

    • Grant

      You do see the tampon string on the far right one yes?…

      While the pants are nice it just makes them scary in this picture.

      • majorfathead

        umm I believe (hope) that is just the seam for the gusset in her pants

    • catfishblackbelt

      i totally watched that porn a few days ago! those three ladies like each others buttholes. err, sorry did i say like? meant lick. they lick each others…well i digress.

      • Elan

        Man, that joke was not funny enough to go on for three lines…

      • Dan

        what site?

    • TDub66

      I did, you're welcome!

  • BabyFart Magizax

    #8 #40 #46 do it for me

  • MayerJacoby

    I will always be on his team!
    <img src="; width="239" height="239">

    • etcrr

      He has way more class than to let you on his team

      • etcrr's goat

        fuck you stan

    • TheAutomaticMan

      Unsuccessful troll is unsuccessful.

    • catfishblackbelt

      best acting coach ever! teach you a thing or two about making a chicken bone stew too. come back soon Bluth Family & Friends!

    • jpadawan

      Carl, y u no tell Adam Sandler to make Happy Gilmore 2?!

  • P Diddy

    Cuz owning only one Xbox didn't make him a fanboy level 5000 in the gaming community.

    • NonToxicGas

      WTF i didnt even see all the xbox's when i first looked hahahaha he has like 10!!!

      • Scuba Steve

        Those are all Red Ring replacements

        • driz

          hahahah so true. so fucking true

        • Elan

          Fuck! I was going to say that.

          Thumbs up for you, sir.

    • willy

      the early stages of hoarding

  • lylsmorr

    #3 #8 #23 are all amazing

  • NonToxicGas

    #8 and #40 nom nom 😛

  • joshua


  • NonToxicGas

    #49 …. just a tad creepy….

  • lllll03lllll

    #51 Good Lawd

    • NonToxicGas


  • Thomas Bailey

    #24 Wow…BFM looks absolutely thrilled to be there.

    • just guessing

      looks tired and probably hates being called bfm

    • Dan

      He's probably wondering why he isn't getting a cut of the proceeds off these shirts.

    • Elan

      The two above reasons make me worried that TheChive is just going to end up pissing off Bill Murray with all the attention and lack of reimbursement for their making money off of his image. Kinda shitty of them to slap his face on a shirt and not pay the dude for it…

      • AnyoneForCoffee


        Bill Murray's thoughts each time: "Jayzuz F**king Christ, he comes another dork with one of those f**king t-shirts. Just do the inevitable f**kwit photo and get it over with, Bill. It's just 5 seconds of my day…."

  • willywill

    #50. The 817. I know where that's @! mMEEeee!!!

  • Ekajevans


    • Herp

      It's in the Best photos of the week. *facepalm*

  • Ekajevans

    #23 I found Waldo!! If I get to choose my prize, I want her.

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