College callout reminder — get those photos in!

  • Bordin Tienyam


    • Dr. Evil


  • KWB


  • biggles

    Lets all be gay and post "first". Guess that is all you have accomplished in your life, so you might as well be proud of it….amirite?

    • AJ says


    • Redbird


  • Sam Fischer

    man i really wish i was first. My life sucks

  • WTF


  • WTF

    better let off sum steam

  • WTF

    fukin derps

  • WTF

    paid the cunt aswell

  • WTF

    jam raki hope a tusnami hits soon

  • WTF

    sory mac

  • Mikey

    You know, I was one of those who bought the BFM 3D last month and had to use the special link to re-order, and I still have no idea when it's going to be delivered! What's going on Chive???

    • Trav1121

      Yeah I have gotten confirmations for all my Chive stuff too, but not that BFM 3D from that secret site either. Contacted the info guy so I'll letcha know what's what when he mails me back.

      • Isaac Taylor

        I did the same and contacted support. Apparently the BFM Secret Order Site was not supposed to be visible to the public, but it was, and way too many got ordered and it is going to take a few weeks to ship them all out.

        • Mikey

          Well, as long as it's in the process of getting to me, I can KCCO 🙂

    • DickFister

      Ordered the calendar and mini poster months ago. Received a notice that it was received at the post office and sent back 9 minutes later claiming it was undeliverable. Something about a discrepancy in the address I listed. I've had the address for years and receive everything else — from my check stubs and bank statements to McDonald's fliers.
      Post office claims no knowledge of where it's at. I'm convinced someone in the local post office is using my calendar as fapping material. Assholes

  • BowfishinKoby

    follow me @BowfishinKoby. Im the guy in the picture haha a country bumpkin. Boomer!!!an if you dont believe me look it up and fuck you pussies

  • MayerJacoby

    This guy is awesome!
    <img src="; width="239" height="239">

    • hatemeyer

      Mayer go shot in your hand

    • HappyHooligan

      Is that Kony???

    • Alex

      It's a joke, and it shows how many people on the internet don't really know what their facebook updates about Kony really is about.

      That isn't Kony, that's Carl Weathers. Famously know as his role as George Dillon in Predator.

      • Bullet knuts

        And as Chubbs from Happy Gilmore.

        • StickyWickets

          And Apollo Creed

          • Marc Para

            And rocky

  • Ryan Howell

    Heywood Jablome.

    • Dan Seabass

      BA BA BOOEY Robin Quiver's Titties!

  • Ryan

    You should just feel PRIVILEGED that you got to post on THE CHIVE!
    First or not…


    Hahahaaa getting my past 🙂

  • Someguy

    Y'all post just enough beautiful women on here to have some fucking retards in the bunch that are just stopping by for a quick fap.

  • mike

    Jenna talwartz

  • @PaulChuchmuch


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