• r00s7a

    It'd be better if she didn't have any pants on

    • JewLover

      she didn't have any pants on….

  • WTF

    wtf lol

  • Vizn

    Oh awesome comedy gold plus I didn't know Emma could get down like that work it work it

  • Beathos209

    Someone come get me stoned be my Emma.

  • JT$

    Loved how cool she played it when she almost got caught! Emma kicks ass!

  • Ekajevans

    I love that girl.

  • Master_Rahl

    Man, Emma Stone. Such a beautiful girl, beyond awesome personality, that sexy husky voice…. but DAMN GIRL, eat a burger or something. Those legs aren't winning any awards.

  • tdr

    So it's pretty unanimous … one the best traits in a woman is being funny. Being hot on top of it doesn't hurt …

  • Gogo

    man voice

  • LukeTheTerrible

    I've never heard of her, but she is pretty. I need some powder.

  • Chiefs420

    She'd walk like that permanent style when I got done with her

  • Bewbs

    Who was the little elfen boy interviewing Emma?

  • dewd

    I effing love this girl!!! Marry me Emma!!!!!

  • JLBugbee

    Ohhlong Johnson!!

  • OoxTruExoO

    I was thinking this is something NerdzRL would do on YouTube, and then she says "This is the best" exactly like Cassandra… uncanny moment of the day.

  • Name

    Andrew Garfield is a lucky man.

  • Skermitt

    God damn Corona commercial!

  • cartman

    marry me please?????

  • angelcurry1077

    Guys, she's natural brunette. She's been using hair-color products. I know it's hard for you to accept…

  • Thom Tissy

    That's cool, but if I caught her I would turn around and start grinding my cock into her pussy if you know what i mean.

  • Cristian Campeanu

    She can dance behind me any time.

  • Tony

    Maybe one day when I turn around and find someone dancing behind me it'll be Emma and not a bum pick-pocketing me or having his way with my backpack.

  • RealTalk

    Wow she's dancing behind people! Omg, comedic genius! Not really. I don't see what's so hot about her either

  • mike

    ok chive, i bought some damn corona! can we get a new ad now!!

  • Dr. Evil.

    I'm officially in love with Emma Stone!

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