There Are Sexy Chivers Among Us (96 Photos)

To all our Chivettes and first-time Chivettes, thanks again for being generally awesome. Due to the volume of submissions, if you don't see your photo here today check back next week.

Submit your photos right here.

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  • Jacob.09

    #17 repping maintenance never looked so good

  • Brian

    To #13–you seem to be under the impression that girls can be friendzoned. This is not so, unless the person you sent that picture to is secretly gay…in which case, don't feel bad, as it's nothing you can change. Also unless you're a lesbian and sent it to a girl. If, however, it's a guy and he's straight, he got the pic and probably thought you were teasing him, as he most definitely feels like he's in the friendzone. I guarantee that every male friend of any girl as hot as you wants something from you, whether it's NSA sex or a good relationship. Stop expecting guys to make all the moves all the time, get off your ass, and make a move yourself.

  • Carlos

    Thanks for sharing ladies

  • Pat

    So… #13 I didn't think it was possible for a chick to be in the friend zone… also, #35 representing Hong Kong, I'm over in Macau and didn't think anyone but me and my friend were Chivers. I now have hope for more.

  • Rocketman

    #16 I'd love to bounce on that.
    # 52 One of the best asses ever.

  • physed33

    PLEASE find MOAR of #33

  • ElDiablo69

    Standing and "saluting" all the great Chivettes for all the great pictures. YOU LADIES ROCK!!!

  • brent

    #62 #96

  • kristyalicia

    my boyfriend is accusing me of #25, wish it was me, anyone want to fess up! 😉

  • e

    #44 moar palease!

  • Captain Caveman

    Did you see that wave behind #82 … HAHA!!

  • Alex Erdei

    #55 respect from a fellow montreal canada chiver!! 😉

  • @Dstyx69

    #3 And #10. Sexy!! moR #10!

  • Wookie

    #61 and 52 Please, give us more of such ass perfection!!!!

  • Me1

    #71 1st time? You better become a weekly repeat. #94 #95 amazing

  • Richard22

    #3 sexy as hell

  • Matt

    #52 said it before, I'll say it again. God damn girl !!!

    • Matt

      P.s MOAR !

  • JoeyCat

    need more of # 6

  • Chris

    #10 Lay off the spray-on for god sakes!

  • BigE

    #13, that WORKS for me!!!! Moar please!!!!!

  • RivaMonsta

    #47 Burn it u must!

  • Germantown

    #86 You need to be stationed in Japan with me.

  • Catfi$h

    #40 u deserve a shirt for that ass and the hat

  • Adam Bryant

    Definitely want some more of #3 and #32!

  • Eric

    where do I find such girls like these at?

    • Yoga Pants

      do you support the hump?

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