Cat Saturday (28 Photos)

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  • Woop

    yay cat saturday! screw you cat haters!

    • EWW CATS

      Cats are the filthiest most useless house animals in existence WOOP… the sooner you realize, the sooner you will stop being used by these devil selfish creatures. Its not like we have mouse or rat problems in the average society anymore so with that being said, their cute appearance and soft fur doesnt even come close to making up for the fact that they dont give a FVCK about you, piss wherever they want, SMELL HORRIBLE, climb on anything and everything ensuring that anything that can be broken WILL BE BROKEN, and howl like the best of the most annoying dogs all throughout the night. YOU CAN KEEP ALL THE CATS WOOP!! THANK YOU FOR BEING A CAT LOVER BECAUSE SO MANY PEOPLE HATE THEM.
      Havent you heard that saynig that if you die with a cat by your side it will eat your body, if you die with a dog, the dog will starve by your side before eating you dead body. Some friend that is…. BUT I GUESS ITS ALL HOW YOU LOOK AT IT.

      • AMEN!

        dont forget spread nasty kitty litter everywhere!

      • Brian King

        Totally agree!!!!

        Plus – Cats belong on the berry, not the chive!

        • barney

          True story

      • Marklar

        I love dogs and cats but at least cats dont have the red lipstick boner that comes out every time you try to just scratch their ears.

      • stonewall_79

        Oh you're an idiot the next day you take the cats out the rats would invade the earth and you're so wrong stupid if you die the fucking dog will eat you, where do you live? the dark ages, there are some things, regular people call it "BOOKS" use them retard.

      • ros

        During the second year In the terrible Siege of Leningrad in WWII there was an explosion of filthy rats and mice and the potential epidemic of disease was a big problem. They managed to sneak cats into the city across Lake Lagoda and they went to work, killing the vermin, and basically saving the population from plague. There's a museum in Sankt-Peterburg dedicated to these siege cats and even today you can see cats have pretty much free range in the city, hanging out in museums and churches. — So there, EWW CATS!

      • ZachBob


      • Chill

        Chill out, man. Smoke a j or something.

      • chito

        Cat Saturday is like your small penis. You just gotta have to deal with it.

      • Cat owner

        after reading the following part of your comment: "…they dont give a FVCK about you, piss wherever they want, SMELL HORRIBLE, climb on anything and everything ensuring that anything that can be broken WILL BE BROKEN, and howl like the best of the most annoying dogs all throughout the night…" – I must ask, did you ever own cats? And if so, then did you rape them on a daily basis? For I have no idea why else a cat will treat you as horribly.

    • Robert

      You… You got the first comment AND contributed to the post? Well done sir.

      • ur gay

        Thats NOT how we do things here!

    • Holy Hell

      Way to go Woop!
      Hey Paula. Have you hugged your cat today?
      I still miss LG.
      Signed: EdWood

    • Sphinx

      The rats are waiting for the day you try to exterminate the cat population. Then we will have rats everywhere. No one wants that. We should worship the cat like the Egyptians did.

    • Say whatwhat

      What, a decent first post… How did that happen?

    • ZachBob

      I do not like cats. That being said, I still find Cat Saturday to be awesome.

    • Sean

      The chive. lifting photos and playing cool since 2005. PMS fuck facebook

  • Joe

    Oh snap first

    • qwerty

      the douche is strong with this one

      • TheAutomaticMan

        Luke Douche-Walker

        • TheAutomaticMan

          Lando Douche-rissian

          • doing this right?

            Jabba the douche?

            • Bobestradamus


              • Woop

                Emperor Douche-atine

                • @McBeastie666

                  Douche Solo

                  • MattiwCO

                    Princess Leia Douche-gana

                    • SirCtheIII


                    • Pudge

                      Obi-Douche Kenobi

                    • ohmy


                    • Jakester


    • rasorsharp


  • Jim


    • eww

      … are gross!

    • Baka Baka Boo

      How can a man hate pussy?

  • FreedomFGTR

    #16 HeadLine: Foreign National Assaults American in Broad Daylight with Witnesses. No Charges Will Be Filed.

    • Kodos

      like I needed another reason to vote against that guy…

      • If you say so...


        And that's supposed to mean…?

    • Vlad

      how about: idiot tries to make dumb joke about president, no one laughs

      • Lex

        nailed it!

        • Dr. Evil

          Go tea bag someone!

      • Epitomizer

        Its clever enough you jackass. You will just not allow anyone to crack a joke about your sorry ass marxist/socialist/communist president. Its also funny to me that your name is Vlad, comrade.

        • @McBeastie666

          wow dude…you're a dick.

        • comradeisnotaninsult

          make up your mind, you can't be a marxist a socialist and a communist at the same time.

          • Mickey Mouse

            I dont think conservative people know the difference between political systems and dissent.

      • Timin Phoenix

        Some people are scared to death he might lose and they might have to actually go to work.

    • Kris

      Regardless of political opinion, that shit is funny!

  • The Bandit

    I always liked this one. Priceless "face" at 0:48

    • Todd Kingry


    • Jones

      The face reminds me of Ron Swanson …

  • Tre day

    Cat Saturday make my Saturday morning hangover much more bearable. Thanks Chive.

  • procter

    Love me some cats, much better than dogs they are so needy..

    • Lexie

      Dogs are loyal and loving. Wouldn't give up mine for anything in the world.

    • @mizdictator

      I'm a cat person for that reason, but I understand why people love their dogs. There are benefits and negatives to both species.
      Now if only there was a loyal, loving, aloof creature that cleaned itself and scooped it's own shit up everyone would be happy.

      • Kris

        I have all of those qualifications…

  • Lexie

    11- insert pussy joke here…

    • Chicago Sean

      Insert cock there

    • ZachBob


  • Hayes

    Did #22 just tear up their weed stash???

    • JayMackB

      I think its Catnip, but either way the kitty knows how to party!

    • DC34

      Assuming direct control…

    • Russ

      That was my question exactly! Probably thought it was the catnip.

    • Vindetta412

      if it is a weed stash i vote to kill the cat that is unacceptable!

  • Trav1121

    #19 Seen it before but the chick is still hawt. 🙂

    • KeepCalmDriveOn

      I envy you cat

    • bob

      find her!

    • Dan

      And she's taking it like a champ!

    • Mike

      Why wouldn't you just spell it "hot" it's takes more to write "hawt" and you look like a fucking idiot

      • Dr_StrangePants

        Friend, the internet is no place for those of individuals with a passion for grammar. You would do good to abandon all hope for any notion of sort.

      • Trav1121

        Cuz it makes me laugh? Cuz it is fun to spell it like that? Cuz I wanted to? Cuz I happened to have an extra second so one more letter didn't ruin my day? Why would you go to the effort of complaining about it, if you know what it means? Seems like you are the fucking idiot for making a big deal out of nothing. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. I am sure there will be more things for you to get hawt about, come Monday. 🙂

  • Trav1121

    #2 Charlie Day is hilarious! Kitten Mittens!

  • Anne

    yay for cat saturday!

  • Charlie Day

    Is your cat making too much noise?!

    • Trav1121

      Don't snip it! Clip it!

    • Sammy

      You're sooo stupid!!! LOL!!!

  • KeepCalm617

    #11 one kitten snuggling up next to another… nice

    • jaynecobb2

      i was going to say something like that. Nice Pussy

    • bob

      Cats love fish.

    • The other white meat

      That looks like a comfortable pussy.

    • BloodScrubber

      I imagine it purrrrs quite nicely. 😉

  • Walker

    Cat Saturday sucks, along with any posts by Mac after he made fun of the kid in the Britains Got Talent video post calling him fat in the title then quickly changing it when people got mad.

    • smokey

      #19 put it un her butt

      • SilkySapper

        I did

    • tater

      The britains got talent kid was fat so Mac was just making an observation.

  • El duderino

    19 find please! Need moar.

    • aussie aussie aussie

      please insert hash tag here……………. #19
      Freakin amateur

  • Fed

    #25 I'm like that when the ice cream man passes

  • Friar Tuck

    If there'd be a short bus for cats, #8 would definitely ride it.

  • nivek2798

    #19 I want to be where the cat is!

    • biggles

      in the same position!

    • Jacob

      I 'd much rather be where #11 is.

  • @mizdictator

    #1 looks like my cat and a friend's cat… And I bet if they ever met, taking over the world is exactly what they'd do.

    • Cosby Sweater

      Hooray it's you. I know you declined my marriage proposal but I'm still your biggest fan. We'll tell our kids about how hard Mommy made Daddy work to get her. I don't want kids though so that probably wouldn't work out. What if I'm actually Jon Hamm or Gene Hackman or some other Hollywood heartthrob and you turned me down? You'd be sorry then! Hey let's get married!!!

      • @mizdictator

        I wouldn't wanna be married to a Hollywood heart throb anyways. I'd hate to be in gossip magazines and be in constant competiton with beautiful Hollywood actresses.
        I also don't wanna be a vessel for a parasitic poop factory so at least you scored points there. However, you still lose infinite points by being an anonomyous figure on the Internet who believes that when a girl, whom you never met nor held a complete conversation with, declines your sporadic marriage proposals a complete total of three times means that she's just playing hard to get and that you're working hard to get her…
        Yes, I am declining you again. Thank you though, I suppose, for being my biggest fan, Cosby Sweater.

        • Robhavok

          After that comment I'm your new biggest fan. Perfect amount of sarcasm

          • @mizdictator

            Haha, thank you. It only gets worse the more drunk I get…

            Cosby Sweater, you have competition…

        • Cosby Sweater

          Meh. You killed my marriage proposal shtick, I guess I'll have to move on to some other form of random creepy nonsense. You're fun though, thanks for playing along, please accept this lovely toaster. I'm still your biggest fan and will continue to playfully harass you. Hey let's get married!

          • @mizdictator

            Always a pleasure to talk to you Cosby Sweater. Thank you for the toaster, it'll come to great use for my stale bread in my single apartment, which I shan't be sharing with any guy (including you) anytime soon.

            • AzLiving

              She got that dictator-ness…..

            • Martin_McFly

              All of this.. every bit of it… is absolute awesomness! I shall have to keep my eye out for more of these marriage proposals and declinations.

  • Brian

    Lots of repeats.

  • Hveb

    I wake up on Saturdays just for cat Saturday!

  • Wolfman Cuddles

    @ #27, MOAR PLEASE! Good looking girl and little kitty, awesome start to the day.

    • Ese_Mexi

      I am pretty sure that is Courtney Macomb

  • I_Love_You_

    pussy swing, cool ^_^

  • Anna

    #4 and #28 are hilarious! I wanna get a kitty now!

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