• Dirkler


  • Mike

    Not as the 'Wrecking Crew Orchestra' from Japan.

    • Scotty C

      the japan guys blow. Team Iluminate is better creatively with much better choreography

      • Binteresting

        Idk, some of the 'Evolution of Man' stuff they did (1:37 etc) is pretty cool and team iLuminate didn't do it as much. With that said team iLuminate are clearly better dancers.

    • http://www.facebook.com/sam.machielsen Samrit Machielsen

      Wow this one is waaaay better.

    • iShep

      Agree with Mike. These guys arent as bright and not as in time as the Japanese blokes.

    • Anras

      must agree with mike, but these guys were pretty awesome too. Although, its obvious they got there inspiration from somewhere….meh. I did like the snake bit, pretty awesome.

  • Brandon


  • jbjb

    the opening soundbit was from finalfantasy

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=543452174 Armina Frederick

      I thought so!!! thats so awesome

    • https://www.facebook.com/romain.schoukroun Romain Schoukroun

      To be precise, it's the Jenova Theme from Final Fantasy VII

  • Spike

    Anyone else SICK AND TIRED of the 30 second wait for every video for that horrible ad?

    • pbb005

      This….Chive is selling out.

    • douche

      ad block

    • Lumppu

      Yeah ads may be a little annoying,but they are keeping this site up. You either pay or watch a couple commercials if you want to keep the site going, and i'd rather choose the latter 🙂

    • CaptainStag

      Get adblock derp

    • iShep

      yea fuck that

    • JOHN

      Shut the fuck up. How do you think they pay for this site? Its not just T-shirt sales.

  • Spike

    And how did they not win AGT???

    • Johnny LaRue

      Because they have the one thing and once you see it there is nothing new…pretty boring if you askme…..

      • dawgbone

        That would be a legitimate answer except the group that did win was even more one dimensional.

    • DemBone

      I said the same thing about Fighting Gravity. But yet someone who was opening for BB King won instead o.0

  • TheJoeGreene

    Nothing to see here. Just a bunch of average light tricks.

  • hokie

    not original… copied fighting gravity

  • douche

    what is up with that music?

  • https://www.facebook.com/jpieroni Joe Pieroni

    yeah they were pretty bad at dancing actually. It was just a light show not really dancing.

  • Richard Munccer

    Chive, you're getting ridiculous with these stupid advertisements for every video clip. Why do I have to watch a 30 sec add just to watch a 15sec video clip?? Chive is becoming too "hollywood" for my liking.

    • andfukyamoms

      Dude get ad block plus plugin for mozilla.

      • Richard Munccer

        You're a fucking genius. I just installed it and it works flawlessly. thanks fukyamoms

        -Dick Muncher

  • http://togtfo.com Don

    …I love how they used the beginning of what I believe is Jenovas Theme from FF7 and then added shitty music…Should have just rolled with jenovas themes.

  • no name

    My girl just made the cut for there show in six flags in Arlington this summer! Pretty stoked.

  • saladfingers1

    Ok, it was good but not that great.

  • snoopy

    the Chive please make KCCO T-shirt led

  • Mouse209

    i believe this technology will make future porn mind-blowing! xD

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