• Anonymous

    Okinawa, USMC BASE

  • Bocephus

    Marry me

  • Cider Drinker

    @ 0:51 …. yowzerz

  • Mmm_Beer

    4 words… Fuzzy Boots Stay On

  • C-Mo

    She is the answer to the zombie apocalypse. Put a blade on the outside of that hoop, put her in the street, and play her a phat beat. Done and Done.

  • Josh

    MOAR…who is this girl! Seriously hypnotic for sure!

  • Huey

    God bless you Hula Hoop Girl. God bless you. Sniff….

  • Moose

    If they complete the trilogy, I will be hoping for better lighting. Having the pace slow down once in a while also keeps her first 'Chive' video my favorite of al time. Very talented.

  • Anonymous

    i would like to know more about this girl.

  • the bee

    i could handle waking up to that every day, with or without the hoop

  • Luke

    Fabulous! Very sexy moves! Looking forward to seeing more!

  • Drew

    She is pretty damn fine !

  • Megalodon

    Her neighbors yards have never cut their yard so much..

  • Hisho

    This was awesome! Thank you hypnotic hula hop girl, nice moves.

  • Joshua Lopez

    Lemme know when she does this in the buff

  • Drop

    This girl at the club>>>>

  • feraldad29

    That is friggin' mesmerizing.

  • Plasticwood3

    This chick needs to be on Ellen, stat!!

  • Todd

    Someone please pay her a lot of money to do that naked. Please.

  • someguy

    lol she's dressed like a skank

  • dweber77

    Another hula girl for your viewing pleasure…

  • Luke

    same girl? similar movement to the last video…

  • Mase

    Shes not an Ambi-turner.

  • The Chad

    i'm in love.

  • Keith_D

    I envy the neighbors who get to watch her do that all the time

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