• Hula Hoop Girl

    […] ist, so wird man doch immer wieder von dem Hula Hoop Reifen abgelenkt und schaut wo anders hin aber schaut selbst Passwort: #-@byOS@-# oder byOS DL-Link im ersten Post Meine Uploads Mit Zitat […]

  • lackofabetter

    Please come join me in my backyard/ Art Sculpture area for some bad ass hula hooping.

  • Gggg

    Naked do it naked. That would be the hottest thing on chive. My be not naked but a thong and soñé painted on boina. Ya! Ffnalrightdoggy

  • Mitchell Wilson

    It seems as tho she has constructed so sort of device to keep guys from dancing with her…FUCK

  • Tys

    that video was mesmerizing…her moves and the music was incredible!'

  • Twigfinger

    All i have to say is…………..Thank you.

  • Pat

    Those pants are terrible… Take them off!

  • Crim

    I suddenly feel the urge to buy a hula hoop

  • Boozer


  • Matthew Gutierrez

    this girl melts me

  • Alex

    Chivette of the week!! That is all. Chive you know what to do…. MOAR!!!!!!

  • Cadalec

    By the Grace of All Thing Chive, we need MOAR!
    On a related note, I found the previous video much sexier, this one needs a closer vantage point

  • Devildoc

    Hey Chive,
    Can you please start a fund drive to raise money for her to get a HD camera. If yo ustart the drive i will be the first to donate

  • JLM

    What type of the gentlemens club is allowing that size of a prop on stage?

  • Wildaas

    She's cute and talented. She needs to send in some pics and make her Chivette of the week.

  • Rich Cranium

    Find her,plz.

  • @unkindagiza

    Blue shorts, white shirt. Mother of God.

  • WIll

    I like brecken better. Might not be quite as hot but she makes up for it by being fucking awesome.

  • name

    There was a huula hoop? I only got as far as the lulu's

  • hector
  • robert

    Katie Keck from Arkansas. 26 years old

    You may become chivette of the month if you want to.

    • bss


  • Renegade5399

    5:40 NOT wasted. Best time I've spent all day. Please make this girl Chivette of the week!

  • Anonymous

    Fix your fucking links so they work in Safari!

  • Samantha Guile

    Step 1. Acquire hula hoop
    Step 2. Get funky.

    Weekend plans are set!

  • Blackmantooboocoo

    Meh. You dudes need to watch more porn. This shit was boooorrrrriiiiiinnnnngggggg

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