• amplidudes

    If you liked this, you should watch Lisa Lottie

  • zero2espect

    chive. can we please start a "hula hoop girl" chive t-shirt. send the profits to her in the form of a new camcorder so she can capture her hula hoop antics in HD or something approaching acceptable…? please help.

  • apologistwright

    Reblogged this on Tower Of Rebel and commented:
    my wife found this but it rules, sorry for all you hardcore people ❤

  • switch607

    she's brilliant, very inspiring

  • Anonymous


  • patch

    Future Chivette?

  • BKH

    She needs to be the Chivette of the week! I want to see MOAR!

  • Kjell J Perry

    I want her…. I've never thought hula hoopin could be so sexy

  • Dustin

    Smile still gorgeous!! You are beautiful, great job.

  • jrc
  • Kingerlaxer

    MOOOAAARRR. I love her maaann

  • A. Rubes

    Chivette of the week!!!!

  • mark arnone

    If you want more info on her to to
    Her name is Katie Sunshine and she is an art teacher.

  • Your Clark Kent

    Marry me……..?

  • steveoo
  • @toogeekyforyou

    Didn't want the video to end. Mesmerizing.

  • alex

    God dammit chive what are you waiting !!! FIND HER ALREADY

    • @NickNafster79

      I did an Interview with Katie, but can't link it for some reason

  • Guest

    oh damn…she's married. Now the best I can hope for is to buy the house across the street…for any price. It will be worth it, whatever he's asking! Jeez…I could literally watch this all day….

  • @NickNafster79

    I did an interview with her at RamblingBeachCat dot com (won't let me link for some reason.). She is a pretty amazing artist, too!

  • Xander

    When can we see more of this amazing woman? She is an absolute delight to watch.

  • Secret squirrel

    Moar please

  • Henry

    This young lady is hot and a great hula hoop artist!

  • EhWok

    I don't think I've ever found a girl so attractive…!

  • bill

    wow she is very good,great moves,sweet ass too.keep going awesome.

  • guest

    What is the name of that song!!

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