• Aaron

    Bet he can't do it again!

  • JDB85

    MF'ing Hawkeye is an Asian?

  • scott

    Hawkeye? o wait.. that doesn't work

  • beRt

    no surprise here. level:asian

  • Mike

    Thanks for the subtitles…..helps a lot

  • Robin Hood

    Doesn't matter, had sex.

  • Jeff

    Archery level: Asain

  • Austin

    I get you guys need to pay the bills over there, but a pop up add before every video is a little much. I understand the first one (and don't really mind), but even before the next video choices after watching the first one is a bit much. How about ever other video. Deal?

  • SDCableGuy

    I didn't know E. Honda had taken up archery.

  • Mmhmm

    He swished.

  • fuckoffetcrr
  • saladfingers1

    Wodalaleeee, every town, has it's ups and downs, sometimes the ups, outnumber the downs……but not in…..

  • Dan

    How many times did they have to film this?

  • Jason

    Really Chive? Does every…single…f%*king…video need to waste 20 seconds of my life by advertising Carona? I don't even drink the sh!t.

  • Marc Para

    Balls deep on the first thrust!

  • Edaea_Sinid

    Now if he could do that with a real bow and arrow, not this "high tech" stuff. And moving…now that I would be amazed.

  • Anonymous


  • BlueBomber

    I want him on my team.

  • Cool guy

    That is 100% accuracy right there u can't get any better

  • CaydenBriscoe

    Thats the Chubby Blue Asian Arrow coming to comic book racks near you

  • Yasmine

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