User submit from the Minnesota National Guard in Kuwait (37 Photos)

  • etcrr

    Wow great bunch of pics thank you for sharing them and thank you for your service

  • Bon_nie

    #26 Nice uni-brow!!

  • 10th MTN sniper

    …this is why no one in regular army likes or has any respect for the natty guard.

    • Jerm

      Why because they have a sense of humor that they are not afraid to show? Grow up man.

      • Digs

        Ohhh that's right, active army doesn't issue those.

    • ryan

      Now look up 2nd brigade 34id…we went to Afghanistan….a real deployment…..I'm pissed too bit its ok….we do THE SAME as active army

  • Notume

    #7 what the hell is all that equipment?

  • ryan

    There is a reason first brigade went to kuwait and first brigade went to Afghanistan…just sayin

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