Venice Italy is sinking! (28 photos)

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  • gingergreek

    Well, time to up sticks and move to Venice beach, I'm sure the creator of the Chive can set you up?!

  • ckret

    Then I'm going under….

  • Elec Man

    #5 water, electric freezers/appliances, and shoppers. Your argument is invalid

  • Quinton

    yeah, I am in Venice right now, and it's not sinking, nice photo shopping though

  • Andy Steenhoek

    "Don't invest in property below sea level. Learned that on Property Virgins. Thanks Sandra!"- The great Daniel Tosh

  • Matt

    1) Venice has been sinking for a LONG time because of the way it was built to begin with. 2) I know it's an election year, but enough with the "climate change" myth already: anyone who's been paying attention as surmised by now that it's a hoax, as communications among the "scientists" who've been pushing it in exchange for funding have already been exposed.

  • ChiTownChiver

    Global warming is the root cause. Oh wait, that doesnt exist. So, moral of the story, dont build a fucking city below sea level – see New Orleans. Venice smells like shit. Go to Rome and the Vatican for an Italian visit.

  • @miss_sara_bella

    #11 #14 #16
    What? Just strolling peacefully through thigh high water, you don't like to do that?

    Teehee but on a serious note, LOVE Venice, and hooray for flood gates that'll keep people dry from the waist down.

  • chaosd

    Seriously this is a storm surge not rising sea levels. In fact sea levels have not risen in more than 50 years.

  • William Teach

    "Rising sea levels are an obvious problem for the canal-laden city of Venice, Italy, which is threatened with increased flooding due to climate changes. To make matters worse, scientists have found that the city is actually beginning to sink."

    Good grief. Venice has been sinking for around 1,000 years. It was built in marshlands and islands in the middle of a lagoon. The introduction of more canals made it worse. Furthermore, the African plate is drifting north, raising the Alps and lowering areas like Venice.

    Stick with posting pictures, Chive. (and, yeah, I know I'll get a lot of down thumbs, but, I can't let this idiocy stand)

  • sdawson22

    What, no one thought this would happen if they built a city on water??

  • Chaos

    What is this climate change crap you speak of?

  • grrregg

    #28 Pack hipwaders for trip to Venice. Duly noted.

  • Nargon

    locals will have great time watching tourists who don't know where the streets are 🙂

  • Ryan

    I've always wanted to go to Venice. Seeing all everyone so happy even when water is up to your knee makes me want to go more. Continue to KCCO Venice.

  • Mortopian

    you could pee ANYWHERE

  • Stan

    And people bash New Orleans? LOL

  • Gallus

    I hope something can be done to retard he demise of this unique city. But, at this point, it might be impossible to save the city. Sad.

  • @randyhab71

    Loved Venice!! Beautifule place! Glad i was able to see it before the inevitable happes!

  • Kyle

    There definitely should have been a gif of someone knee deep walking into a canal in this gallery.

  • joe

    Climate change my ass! It has been sinking for ever and will eventually be underwater.

  • Vent187

    There's a really cool bar right off of that square. I spent the majority of my time there.

  • Yotapdat

    #17 Bad Ass Level = 86 #25 Bad ass Level =12

  • blayde

    1. At least everyone already owns a boat
    2. Atlantis in the making
    3. It looks fun. No one looks angry about riding a wake board to work/class

  • Ike

    Venice is turning into the underwater levesl of Mario games.

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