Venice Italy is sinking! (28 photos)

Via Theatlanticcities

  • blue_bronco

    What dipshit thought it would be a good idea to have canals as streets.

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  • Frank

    so i am hoping that they flipped the main fuse switch to the whole city to off…

  • chimpslayer

    Who thought it was a good idea to build a city on water?

  • Ftw

    Keep Obama off my site. Please don't ruin the happiness this place brings me!

  • XOXO

    Like Venice doesn't stink enough already. It smells like fish and diesel there, now that the water everywhere it has to smell worse.

  • Mr.Johnny

    Too lazy to do something about it!! Wouldn't go there for shit!!

  • Nin

    Future Atlantis

  • Chicago Chiver

    #17 – I feel like Urban Wakeboarding needs to be a thing.

  • chubseyubsey

    when are the pics from ? 2008?

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