Your mind: blown. (35 photos)


    #17 is a lie, sorry to re-assemble your brains

  • Tony Monte

    #33 Oh those eyes!

  • maboze1x

    #24 Google Franc Grom. He is from Slovenia (not Slovakia). 🙂 He makes up to 24k holes in one egg.

  • Theguyinfrontofthetv

    Hate to say it, but #17 is not true. Look at

  • aussie aussie aussie

    #10 the joys of the palendrome

  • nooitgedachtland

    #31 Jupiler! Mannen weten waarom (Men know why) :p!

  • Joe

    #5 makes me want to vomit.

  • Wally

    #29 Like to see you maintain a straight line across THAT bridge!!

  • Wally

    #39 Screw it – that's not art.

  • Wally

    #30 , i meant – 😛

  • Andrew

    #34 From Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

  • Boobs

    Some of these aren't even photos. None of them are mind-blowing.

    • Breasts

      Some of them were.

      • Titties

        They all were mind-blowing.

        • Jugs


          • Melons


            • Hooters

              Squeeze me!

  • Kemo

    @Chivoso That's the Grbavica neighborhood in Sarajevo. I live there, and that's exactly how it looked like on that day. If you posted it on January- congratulations, you have access to the psychic internet.

    But then again it looks like that every year. I fail to see how it's "mind-blowing"- it's just an ordinary street in winter.

  • JUAN Cervesa

    Only thing that truly blew my mind is that the guy on the right in #35 looks EXACTLY like me…. but its not

  • Kevin

    #28 is actually the Monitor Merrimac Bridge Tunnel that connects Suffolk/Chesapeake to Newport News, VA. Top left of the photo is the Newport News Shipyard.

  • jeff

    dammit is actually spelled damnit

  • Frile

    #19 Sarajevo – Dolac Malta – street : Envera Šehovića 😀

  • Mr. Somewhat Awesome

    #27 Damn decepticon if I've ever seen one!

  • Russkie Chick

    #18 …Yay, Supernatural!!! 🙂

  • katie

    #28 same thing in Virginia Beach… Chesapeake bay bridge-tunnel anddddd again in Hampton Virginia. to allow the navy ships to get into the open ocean. mind not blown.

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