• noegod

    There are some people who just sit back and let shit happen. And then there are those who instinctively react to save themselves and/or others! This two boys are born Badasses and I salute them with the highest Chive Honors!!! KCCO like a Boss!

  • knotmee

    who would sit through a 30 second beer commercial for a 51 second video? fuck ads before videos. ruining the web.

    • avidd

      15 sec. tops for real. ^ I hope I raise my boy to be that cool under pressure.

      • Jeff

        Yet you still both watched it……

    • DigitalGuru

      Download Google Chrome browser, then install AdBlock. No ads in videos and most ads are blocked too. Pretty awesome.

  • Jack o' lantern


    • Pete

      You're lame

      • misschris

        Pete, you had me at your proper use of "you're"

  • http://twitter.com/McBeastie666 @McBeastie666

    Alec…you want to know what happened afterwards…when "a group of 13 year olds found themselves with the keys to a school bus and no supervision." They probably were a bit traumatized by the fact that some dude either nearly died or did die in front of them. What did you think? They went to Vegas and had some awesome Hangover adventure?

    • kmarque2

      Did the driver die? Did the kids get some sort of recognition because of it? I don't know what you think he thought but by reading it, I am sure he was not talking about long term effects nor going to Vegas to have "some awesome Hangover adventure". Way to assume that someone has thoughts like that. . ."kuddos".

  • estebanwaseaten

    There's a tiger in the emergency seat……

  • leibniz

    I'm wondering how many of the kids where calling the ambulance and how many where twittering what just happened!

  • fabio

    how's the driver?

  • Force Kin

    Top lad.

  • Josh

    What's up with that girl walking out right after?

  • TruthBeTold

    Fuck the kids. We all drove shit when we were that age. Why doesn't anyone talk about the bus driver? Is he alive, dead, brain dead? Did he have a medical condition or was it a random heart attack?

  • Dickle

    Nice work Young Bosses!

  • Dan

    The difference between a leader and a follower.

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