Chive Five rolls into IU this weekend! (2 Photos)

This weekend, theCHIVE is making our annual pilgrimage to our home state of Indiana. Leo, myself, Bob, Mac and theBERRY sisters will attempt to drink the bottom out of Indiana University this weekend for Chive Five and we want to raise a glass with all our Hoosier Chivers.

Here's the deal. This Saturday the 14th at 4pm, theCHIVERS are going to roll into the upstairs at Kilroy's on Kirkwood.

We're not selling tickets to this event, there are no flashy corporate sponsors, and all of the beer is on us (we stick to theCHIVE code always). All we ask is that you make a $5 donation at the door to IUDM, Indiana University Dance Marathon, which benefits Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis.

Also, we're created 100 limited edition Cream and Crimson KCCO's to hand out, for free, to the first 100 people through the door, provided you don't sell the fuckers on Ebay.

Because we're not selling tickets, handing out free beer and C&C KCCO's, I would recommend getting there early. However, we will be at KoK until about 8:30 so feel free to stop by anytime and say hello. I'm sure we'll keep a few KCCO's stashed away for later.

Lastly, many people have asked about our plans on Friday night. Basically, we'll be bar hopping to all the usual suspects in Bloomington - Nicks, Upstairs Pub, and Bluebird are all in our drunk crosshairs currently but we're not committing to anything and we'll see where the night takes us.

See y'all in Bloomington,



    Fuck! Going to be in Chicago. KCCO my friends. Hoo HOo HOOSIERS

  • Broncos

    I'm in Denver so I have no skin in this game but you gotta give the chive credit for picking up the entire bar tab and giving away free KCCOs in exchange for $5 to charity. good on you guys.

  • Todd

    So all I have to do is show up, donate to Riley's and the chive pays for me to get wasted? I should stop by and say hello. See you Saturday B)

  • voice o ireland

    the chive is giving away KCCOs. I hope kilroy's has security. it's going to be a shitstorm.

    • HatBomb

      I don't think there will be anything calm about this event… Between free booze, and Chivers on the hunt for limited edition KCCOs, they should have security in place.

  • grad skool

    went last year. those guys can party. i'll give 'em that

    • ...

      yea…with gay scarves on in the sausage fest bar.

  • Trav1121

    Hope it is a complete success. And don't worry, I am sure you will see at least 10 of them shirts on eBay. Serial number them and take names and addresses for a Jay and Silent Bob asskickin' if the rules aren't followed. 🙂

  • ChronicUser

    Now that's badass!

  • Unfkngblvbl

    Chive Five huh?…do the Berry sisters count as one?

  • etcrr

    Have fun stay out of Jail

  • Jennifer

    that place is going to be a madhouse. thanks for the Dance Marathon shout, boys!

  • bill laimbeer


    fack.. ima be outta town… Rage face fellas…

  • Bobby Knight

    I'll be there.

    • CC Josh

      chair in hand?

      • Bobby Knight

        Naw…I just wanna choke Mac.

  • Underbaker

    Sounds sweet, wish you would do this in Texas some day.

  • MarthaJeane

    Come to Boston next please! (Come at me thumbs down!)

    • LucretiusCarus

      I concur. Come to Boston.

    • Yo diggity

      I'll come at you, but not with thumbs down…

  • Hendricks488

    will DEF. be there first thing in the morning!

    • Don't Bother

      You weren't invited.

  • @TigersNewCaddie

    Sell me one of those shirts! IU 06!

  • Jim

    IU sucks! Go Purdue!

    • clm

      yes!!! I'm with this guy. Chive just lost all respect.

  • BBN

    Hopefully the CATS wont beat you down in public

  • Zach Rochner

    What the fack Chive?

    I have drill this weekend!!!! GODDAMNITT!!!!!

    Also, BOILER UP! Having had said that, btown isn't a bad lil city.

  • Scott

    Can you clarify: First 100 people at Kilroys at opening or first 100 people that you guys see at 4pm? Ill camp out if I have to…..

  • MIke

    I will be KCCO at work just a few towns away. How did i not know that you guys were HOOsiers too? If you can stash back a few of those shirts i would love to have one. ill send you the 5$ and S&H. i am a nursing student and think that Riley is a great cause to raise $$ for .. Mike

  • Nick Limardo

    Days like today I hate being 20. I will be waiting outside Roys though just to shake all of your hands!!!! And thanks for the IUDM shout out I didn't think I could ever like you all even more than I already did. FTK!

  • Nick

    Days like today I hate being 20. I will be waiting outside Roys though just to shake all of your hands!!!! And thanks for the IUDM shout out I didn't think I could ever like you all even more than I already did. FTK!

  • justanothersquaddie

    Living in England suddenly has its drawbacks.

  • Jody Shelley

    ship is it? plan b university chive. make the voyage… you know you want to

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