Chive Five rolls into IU this weekend! (2 Photos)

This weekend, theCHIVE is making our annual pilgrimage to our home state of Indiana. Leo, myself, Bob, Mac and theBERRY sisters will attempt to drink the bottom out of Indiana University this weekend for Chive Five and we want to raise a glass with all our Hoosier Chivers.

Here's the deal. This Saturday the 14th at 4pm, theCHIVERS are going to roll into the upstairs at Kilroy's on Kirkwood.

We're not selling tickets to this event, there are no flashy corporate sponsors, and all of the beer is on us (we stick to theCHIVE code always). All we ask is that you make a $5 donation at the door to IUDM, Indiana University Dance Marathon, which benefits Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis.

Also, we're created 100 limited edition Cream and Crimson KCCO's to hand out, for free, to the first 100 people through the door, provided you don't sell the fuckers on Ebay.

Because we're not selling tickets, handing out free beer and C&C KCCO's, I would recommend getting there early. However, we will be at KoK until about 8:30 so feel free to stop by anytime and say hello. I'm sure we'll keep a few KCCO's stashed away for later.

Lastly, many people have asked about our plans on Friday night. Basically, we'll be bar hopping to all the usual suspects in Bloomington - Nicks, Upstairs Pub, and Bluebird are all in our drunk crosshairs currently but we're not committing to anything and we'll see where the night takes us.

See y'all in Bloomington,


  • HoosierHobby

    From an old Hoosier:

    You can take the boy out of Indiana, but you can never take the Indiana out of the boy…

    I would PAY PAY PAY for an IU KCCO shirt!!! Do I hear theCHIVERY?! Other universities?! Based in Madison now 😉 BTW, I just got my military (Army Vet) KCCO shirt and will be submitting a pic soon…

    I'm also from Ft. Wayne proper fellas, Snider 86…GREAT job with the sites!

    • Spotts

      From Noble – Tucky and IU 88 , Stuck in FSU land.

      CHIVE… National Party College tour. Keep Calm and on Donate Often !

      • mvittorio

        from noblesville as well! wish i could be at Kilroy's this weekend! I am in the Air Force and stationed NOWHERE NEAR home. KCCO!

      • Tommy

        Also a Miller/Hoosier. Trying to make this work…

  • randomness

    You guys should hang around an extra week for the Little 500!

  • Alex Behlmer

    See y'all here in a couple days. Better have a few kcco tees available. Been waiting forever and still haven't been able to get one!!

  • UnderageHoosier

    Chive! I am an IU freshman and get into Kilroy's but would love to donate and get an awesome shirt! Please help!!!!

  • Tron

    Purdue> iu

  • mee

    Count me in! see you's all there!!!

  • Patrick Haggan

    Argh, stuck in New Mexico. I want a shirt for my wife and I.

  • dnew013

    Is it possible to make an appearance to grand prix as well? Or atleast a purdue chive shirt? Those are the shit! (But it would look better in old gold and black 🙂 )

  • Callo Hinst

    Any way to get one of those Cream and Crimson KCCO shirts if you're not 21 to get into Kilroy's? Got a few friends that would die for one of those rare beauties but can't accompany me inside. Could they get them outside?

  • Rusty Grundle

    Come up to Indy on Friday. I run a beer craft beer distributing company. We can tear up a bunch of good beer here. It is only a 45 minute drive.Otherwise, I will see you guys saturday. Try the pizza at Max's place.

  • Rustin Smith

    Any fellow Chiver/Hoosiers wanna hook up a fellow Chiver/Hoosier that is stationed in Alaska???? I'd gladly pay you for a IU KCCO XL shirt…someone please let me know!

    Hit me up on FB or my email is if you can help me out!!! Thanks and KCCO!!!!

    • Rustin Smith

      I'd gladly donate $30 to the IUDM as well to get one of these — Chive, ya listenin'?

  • Seany McNasty

    Chive, please, OH PLEASE, add the IU KCCO to The Chivery. I'm a Hoosier through and through, and I can speak for all Hoosiers: PLEASE SELL THIS SHIRT!!!

  • ManOfTooth

    So, can we expect some collegiate KCCO shirts in the near future, or is there a bunch of red tape with printing their logo's?

  • Kavy

    Must have shirt!!

  • Jeffro

    Grew up in Btown. All IU. Can't effing wait!

  • Curt

    you guys should stop up at Indiana State as well, just a short drive away

  • Stardust

    #1 party school in 'Merica is CU Boulder, the fuck haven't you been here?

  • Mike Beamer

    IU Rocks. I miss Btown something fierce!

  • Tall Paul

    As a Hoosier Alum (May 11'), a former IUDM organizer (Catering 11') and of course, a Chiver (always). I am very upset to see that I will be unable to make it to this event.

    Hopefully the pictures I submit from Mexico City this weekend sporting KCCO can get me one of those AMAZING shirts.


  • Alex Merchant

    Anyway to get a shirt if we can't get into the bar? My friends and I are 20 and would love to get an IU KCCO and see everyone 😦

  • Sean

    Might just have to make a road trip up there this Saturday to party with you guys. What's a two hour drive for The Chive, Bloomington here I come!

  • Brian Hunt

    Really wish I could make this. On 14hr reserve duty shift for Uncle Sam today. Hopefully there will be a Kentucky Derby appearance with a leftover IU shirt I can buy. Trying to KCCO.

  • underage hoosier

    Chive I didn't get an IU shirt and I'm not happy. I am an IU student. Where is the love?

  • badgorilla

    Please for the love of all that is holy, sell this shirt!

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