Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • Carney_Man

    #40 Please Chive help me find this beauty, I think I want to send her flowers. Give this woman her own week on the best website in the world!

  • smoothee

    Way to rock it u Kentucky chivette love it Ur so sexy.

  • vince

    #40 Wow

  • Can't Run Far Enough

    I have a tenet that women who are beautiful without hair are truly beautiful. My friend, you are most fortunate. My dear, good luck with your journey.

  • bphill12


  • MikeMc


    Keep up the good fight!! Make cancer your bitch!! My girlfriend used to say "shut up and fight!" KCCO!!

  • fluffymcgee

    #22 ~ Keep Chiving, and kick cancer's ass!

  • Dizzlenator05

    #10 I have always hated living in CT…until I saw this!! MOARRRR!!!!! From a fellow Constitution Stater…

  • http://thechive.com LukeTheTerrible

    The GROSSEST thing I've seen in a long time is this show on Sundance called Sex Magic, Manifesting Maya, with this dude Baba Dez pretending to be a "sex therapist", but really just a skanky ugly old hippy bagging fool sluts and masturbating on camera. I've lost a large measure of my respect for Sundance. I had to rant and this is the first place I found to comment. nytimes is next!

  • mongo

    #10 will you marry me????

  • Pants

    #47 The most redundant pizza topping in the world.

  • Roland

    #19 was pretty choice…and then #46 took me over the top.

  • George

    Can someone explain #20?

  • big baby jesus

    #46, implants. that's a shame. #30 yet people keep buying them…

  • DaveyOno

    #27 GIF – Only If she was 20 pounds heavier= WOW

  • Rfarrt

    #23 and #31…. Wow!!! Beautiful beyond words as well as educated( we know #23 is anyway). Sexy, smart with a touch of class. Your doing it right.

  • That Canadian Guy

    #22 My Bosses son just won his battle with lymphoma, keep fighting it can be beat!

  • BRapper

    #22 fuck cancer, you are a BADASS!!

  • Maverick363

    #19 not gonna lie I would totally bone you wife

  • moeshere foxdale

    #22 Fuck cancer and wish you the best on your fight…To beat that shit up….
    #43 You get well too hon……CHIVE FUCKING ON…..

  • Darcie

    #17 Bengals make the best road trip buddies 🙂

  • hello

    #44 hot police woman… please find

  • dosent matter

    Awesome Dar

    Also #22 KCCO

  • John

    #46 Holy crap! MOAR!!!

  • Darcie

    #22 You two are so cute and girl, you can pull off no hair like not many women can. You are gorgeous! Kick that cancers ass!

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