Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • Greenie

    #46 hands are to big….

  • Chanda

    If I looked anywhere near as gorgeous as the women here today, you bet your ass I would be Chivin' it up nudie style!

  • buttlover

    #24 – I would have paid for that if you asked

  • Krusty

    #24, I'm sure your brother will love it.

  • Mitch

    #46 that is an amazing body you got going on there

  • derp

    #23 and #46 Thanks, now I can't get up out of my desk for a good hour or so.

  • Dabears

    #40 marry me??

  • Jim

    #10 Chive on from a fellow connecticut chiver!!!

  • Matt


    Keep calm and fuck cancer!

    Lost my little bro to it about five years ago beat it's ass for everyone affected by it!!!

    I know it's been posted all ready but we need some shirts for "keep calm fuck cancer.". Maybe even put some of the proceeds toward assisting Chivers kick butt.

  • rob

    #44: CHIVE!! the hot female cop in the background….FIND HER!!!

  • keith

    #10. Bacon, north and from CT. That's what's up!!!

  • JMick

    #46 thems is amazing

    • JMick

      y u no move your hands away?

  • Eric



  • Cmo

    #45, 46
    ….. Made me bite my tounge!

  • Akzombie

    #2 is sooo fine u gotta find her! #46 looks top heavy…need a hand packin them around?

  • VegaTrisha

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  • joe

    #27 Can't…look…away..

  • Shorty

    #2 MOAR! Thanks cold water for making this pic amazing.

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